December beckons…

In the morning on December 1st my second Artisans on the Beach event in Swanage, Dorset. Essentially I, along with 35 other Artisans, hire a beach hut from the Town Council for the period Dec 1 to Jan 2.

I will be exhibiting and selling a range of cards, small frame originals, giclée prints and larger original pieces. This year I have an extra role as part of the working group and nominal event organiser and social media responsibility for marketing. Tomorrow will be the first day in 37 that I haven’t been posting an artisan Profile on our Facebook page: Artisans on the Beach and our Instagram account @ArtisansontheBeach2018.

I intend to start catching up on recent works and events and to restart my blogging adventure as I head towards the end of my second year as an artist at the end of January.

If you are passing Swanage seafront, the only days I plan to be closed are: Mondays 3rd and 10th when I am on duty at The Purbeck Artisan Yard, Wareham, also Tuesdays 4th and 10th. I will also be closed on Christmas Day. Please drop by and say hi.

Greetings and welcome back to Andy

Yes, sadly neglected blog I am back, aware that everything I read about online presence says I should post regularly, and I have not been.

Since my last post towards the end of August I have been doing regular duties at Purbeck Artisan Yard in Wareham, I am also one of two Artisans on the committee organising Artisans on the Beach for Swanage this December. Apart from that my boat season commitments ended at the end of September and I have been quite busy rowing to gain fitness for a regatta I participated in on Saturday October 20th.

If you read this, thank you. I need to become a regular blogger again and will try to post daily once I get into December and occupying my Beach hut 54 as an Artisan on the Beach for the second year.

Artwise, I have become conscious that I have a large stock of originals and over 30 pieces available as prints so subconsciously slowed down my output. I have now completed drawings for 22 consecutive days so far for the #inktober event currently running.

Other work has included original pieces produced during the regatta at the weekend and sold to members of participating clubs. I have started to produce a new stock of hand painted wooden boxes to sell in the artisan yard and the beach hut.

Sales have moved along steadily with more prints sold and cards my most consistent seller. I have started to plan the 2019 additions to the Santa over Purbeck series which continues to sell well. I have just completed a commission for a company involved with wellbeing support with schools.

Now I also need to look ahead to Purbeck Art Weeks 2019 where the theme “Flight of Fantasy” links into the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci – this still requires some careful thought.

I have added some additional stock to the AndyKnillArt store on Etsy after selling some cards.

Heading forwards each month I am achieving a greater turnover month by month than the 201718 tax year which I am encouraged by.

Any comments, feedback and / or questions are welcomed here, via Twitter @AndyKnillArt, Facebook page of the same name, Andy.knill on Instagram or by email to

Sat drawing on Swanage seafront during Sea Rowing regatta.

Pen and ink piece to revisit drystone walls – yes forgot to orientate it.

Canvas of amphibious car I watched in Wareham as it drove into the river…and sailed off downstream.

Bank holiday events

On Saturday 25 I spent the day at the Dorset Gallery Art and Craft Fair in Wareham Town Hall. Numbers of visitors varied through the day, in the afternoon I took to sketching outside and guide quite a number of people inside.

Thanks to those who commented on my art and those that bought cards too. An event I may do again in 2018 as double booked for December.

Sunday 26 I spent a wet morning on duty at Wareham Boat Hire. We had a booked group who went out despite the wet conditions. After we had packed up at the start of lunchtime I headed over to the Vintage event at Purbeck Artisan Yard. I enjoyed a cream tea with fellow artist Eddie Burrows.

I then based myself in bay H next to my work and drew two new small canvas pieces which are now for sale. I had an interesting chat about my sunset card from December 2017 showing Swyre Head and Houns Tout ridges in profile.

My next task needs to be an art storage area at home in the warmth and dry conditions of the house to store prints, originals and mount board sets, oh and of course card stock.

My next booked event is Meet the artist ie me at Purbeck Artisan Yard on September 15 on my next duty.

Meet the artist aka duty day at the yard

So, several times each month I do my duty days at the Purbeck Artisan Yard. A duty is where I stay in the building between 10 and 5 (summer hours) and represent all 22 Artisans as a member of our collective. I welcome visitors, try and establish if they are new or repeat visitors and how they found out about us. I keep records of sales made.

I realised however of course that while sat in the yard I am in a position that people interested in my art can come and meet me. They might be interested in the Promarker media that I use to produce my work. I am there and quite willing to share, discuss ideas, share information about possible suppliers. This was how others locally helped me to start selling my work and I want to do the same for others.

So on my Facebook page I am now posting dates of my duty days as events where I seek to share about my media and art. Last Saturday this included offering some visiting children the opportunity its to make their own artcards. A lady came in he afternoon with her daughter to have a go at the artcard activity I had posted online earlier in the day.

These are the cards produced. I was taught how to draw a flamingo using the numbers 2 and 4 which I found fascinating.

So coming up duty days / Meet the artist – AndyKnillArt

Thursday 23 August

Saturday 15 September

Saturday 22 September

Wednesday 26 September

Wednesday 3 October

Thursday 11 October

Thursday 18 October

Saturday 27 October

We open from 10am to 5pm at Church Street, Wareham – see image of my postcard on how our location links to St Mary’s Church, the Pink house and road leading past

the back of Sainsbury car park.

Changes afoot …

Well if I haven’t chased my readers away with infrequent posts recently. I decided enough of my excuses I needed to up my game with my online presence. So I am restructuring the web site – all constructive feedback welcomed.

What lies ahead?

– Meet the artist events – i.e. come into the Purbeck Artisan Yard, Church Street, Wareham when I am on duty. I am there to promote the work of all of our Artisans. However, if I can answer questions linked to techniques and the media that I use then I will. Please note my art materials are not for sale as one gentleman tried recently but I can recommend stockists that I use.

– Christmas, yes that season that I would never have considered this early before becoming an artist, lies ahead and my #SantaOverPurbeck range of 4 card designs are now available from Bay H at the yard. I can also take orders by using the contact form in the menu options in the site header or email me direct at They retail at £2 each, or 3 for £5. Interests in commercial stocking or larger quantities (25 units plus will include price discounts).

-on Saturday August 25th I will have work for sale at a craft event in Wareham Town Hall. This will include my full card range of printed cards and a selection of original pieces and fine art prints of my work to date.

– In December I will be participating in Artisans on the Beach in the beach huts on Shore Road, Swanage as I did in 2017. I am on the committee to organise the event which will focus on being open from Friday to Sunday for the five weekends so that Artisans are all there. I will be open on additional weekdays, details to be given in November. If you would like to look at what is required and would consider putting an application in by the September 2nd deadline please see the Artisans on the Beach page on Facebook. We will have an event that develops from the previous events and yes “that” suit may make an appearance.

I will continue to develop new pieces. I have two events booked for Autumn 2019 but I will tell you about those in 12 months.

Still alive …

Well, hi any readers still left. I have had a mixture of moods recently. Some new work produced and a number of successful shifts at the Artisan Yard. Bay H is now being shared with Sophie of Made at Burngate Farm for the last couple of weeks.

I await my latest reorder of prints and cards to collect as I ran stocks down in PAW. I have entered my application for Artisans on the Beach 2018.

More sketching and some napkin art too.

Today (July 30) I sold the beach huts piece I developed while on duty at the yard back in April. The client who bought the first Shore Road huts print reserved this piece before it was even completed. I then waited until they returned to the UK at the end of their school year.

Accounts updating yet show how in 18 months I have sold £4K of art which is a very pleasing achievement and a total surprise from where I started.

What comes next? I have a few pieces in progress as the mood has varied recently. News as pieces appear.

What colour is the sea?

No, it’s not a trick question. In the last 17 months I have drawn many pictures that include the sea around Purbeck. In most of them I have used a variety of colours.

There are many factors to consider as I have realised as my art skills have developed. As I am self taught I learn through observation and practice, a previous sketch of the south side of Swanage Bay life looked great in my sketchbook in pen and coloured pencils. However, when commissioned to reproduce it on a larger scale and on canvas with Promarkers I lost the original feel of the water in the bay as it dominated the picture and was too much.

I know from my own love of coasts and countless walks or just sitting watching the water that the sea can look many colours. I am keen on watersports and have experienced paddling or rowing in different areas where the water appears very different indeed.

Here are some examples of AndyKnillArt pieces, with each I have mentioned factors I had to consider:

In black and white ink pieces I have to used shading or lines to convey the mood and movement of the water.

In this early pice one shade of blue is used and the water is broken up but the inclusion of the buoys.

June 2017 showed a variety of shades linked to cloud cover, movement of water and its depth.

As you can see as my work has developed so I have depicted the sea in many ways. This was brought home to me while kayaking in Swanage Bay yesterday and noticing the differences in colour across the bay and from north to south close to shore.

So what colour would you say?

Thanks for reading


A yard day ..

Awake early,a positive dream about teaching and letting go,what does today hold?

A yard day ..

In May 2016 I explored the back streets of Wareham to find the Purbeck Artisan Yard as I wanted to find some art by Lucy Tidbury before I drove back to Essex. Unfortunately for Lucy my purchasing power was only to buy some cards to take back to Essex with me.

Twenty five months on I have been a bay holder at the yard for 4 months. What does this all involve?

The yard

It lies in Church Street, Wareham, Dorset. It is not easy to find ( this is an ongoing area to make us more prominent) as most visitors see the Quay, and ‘High Street’ (a combination of shops in South Street, North Street and West Street. It used to be the town’s fire station and also a builder’s yard. Today it houses 12 bays of Art, Craft, Artisan goods. There are spaces for guest artists too.

Bay holders

We rent a section in the yard for a monthly rent and we then staff the yard as a representative of the collective on average once every 12 days. We can rent a whole bay or with other Artisans we can share a bay – many bays are shared amongst 3 different Artisans. This splits the cost up and also the duty responsibilities.

Staffing the yard

Today I will be at the yard as Bay H representative not purely as AndyKnillArt, in fact on previous duty days I have had successful sale days for the yard but not so for my own work as I have focused on the teamwork element. My role is to have the yard open to visitors from 10 am to 5 pm. Outside that time I have to collect and return the float and any sales monies. We take cash and card payments so I must keep the technology charged,clean up in the yard and keep our sales records for accounting purposes and also so every artisan can monitor their personal sales.

I enjoy the interaction with visitors just as I do when doing my other role at Wareham Boat Hire. It gives me great pleasure to wrap sold goods so they can be taken away to enjoy. Chatting with visitors, answering questions where possible, signposting people to someone or some people who might fit their needs.

Importantly,while I am on duty there are other roles;

Today I will be hosting a new artisan who will ‘shadow’ me to see how a duty day unfolds and what is involved ready for their first duty.

I have some clients who bought some work from my home Open Studio during PAW18, but let me keep it on display until the end of the event, who are coming to collect their piece of my art.

Friends including fellow Artisans who drop by to catch up.

Anne who will come for lunchtime and if my last Saturday duty is anything to go by will help me to package goods (gift shop experience).

Finally, I represent my bay and AndyKnillArt. I will do some art work during the day as time allows. I often take much of my Promarker pen collection so I can share the media with others. I have produced a number of pieces while on previous duties.

The most significant started as a drawing of the view from the front gate of the yard. It shows very clearly where we are located and is a great example of my pen work at its best. Unfortunately rain on the day meant that I completed the piece from photos at the work table inside. Often I will work from photos while on duty.

If you decide to visit the yard today say hello and let me know you have seen this post. How will you find us?

– you’ve been before and know where we are

– follow the arrow signs in town

– look for St Mary’s church from my picture -its wind vane is a golden fish on top of the tower. It lies at the south side of the town close to the Quay. Walk to the church and from the front door look for the pink cottage, walk along the side of the churchyard to it. Take the small street alongside the end of the house and find the wall with words painted on about work you may see inside-you have arrived. Walk through the yard, past the pig and enter our front door.

Hope to meet you soon. If reading this from a place far far away from Dorset please comment and give me some feedback.

Thanks for reading



Happiness is …

On Tuesday after a trip away I got to drop off an original piece I had framed from Purbeck Art Weeks, its new owner was very pleased with it. Today I have had an email that another client who let me keep a framed print up until the end of PAW18 will be down in the area and will collect their work. Last week I sold my kite flier piece to the subject I drew. I have also been sketching for the sake of it and framing pieces for family members of artwork they have bought.

On Saturday 30th I will be on duty at the Purbeck Artisan Yard, Church Street,, Wareham and will be continuing on some artwork I have started recently. Visitors are welcome and feedback on my bay is appreciated.

Yesterday I updated some of my accounts to find that in 17 months I have sold almost £4000 of art since I started which is a fabulous affirmation that my art is worth it. This continues to achieve my sales target (ongoing) of selling some work.

I think that I need to just keep on sketching and drawing and even do some pieces for myself as this is still a great therapy for me.


Art weeks, work to sell, … yesterday I just sketched for the sake of sketching. I also took some photos that I might draw from at a later date. My current main sketchbook started back in November 2017. By now I would expect to have finished at least two sketchbooks based on previous output. These days however, I draw straight onto final piece paper, I leave free art postcards and serviettes lying around, hence a slower sketchbook to fill. It still contains 95 sketches so not bad really if looked at what other output there has been as well.

I used to #urbansketch with groups in London and Cambridge and enjoyed the companionship. I am however quite happy to just sit and draw. Yesterday I was down at Poole Quay. The choice of vistas is vast. I chose to draw from an eatery – Deli on the Quay.

Here are my two pieces, nothing extraordinary, just drawings showing the marina in front of me and Brownsea island in the distance. The boats vary in size as you will see.

Hope you enjoy them.