Art Portfolio

This page will develop a record online of my portfolio of completed pieces. Some will be commissions that are not available except for the client (details withheld).

The story behind the piece will be given.

Most pieces will be available through the store in the categories mentioned in the portfolio e.g. miniature canvas, hand-coloured card.

For more details contact me on:

Swanage Collection

My first commercial sales. During the Pop-up shops in the Shore Road Beach Huts from November 2016 to January 2017 I met and chatted with some local artisans, notably Sue MacLean of I had very recently left teaching and on December 6th drew what was to become my first success – the “Promarker” piece of “Shore Road Beach Huts”.

When I approached the Tourist Information Office early in 2017 they ordered cards from this design and commissioned 3 further designs. This became the four card set that are currently on sale from their office. In the process of drawing the designs I came up with two different designs that I would go onto sell myself. The “View of the Bay” became “Prince Albert Gardens and Swanage bay” plus “View from the pier”.

The collection taken by the Tourist Information Office are available as cards from them at £2.50 each.

The set of four sold by me are available as cards and fine art prints in mounts and / or frames. I also now stock the “Spa Huts” cards as well.

The original pieces for:

”Shore Road Beach Huts”     SOLD

”Prince Albert Gardens and Swanage Bay”

”Looking East”

”View from the pier”

are available for sale as well in a mount.

(See Store for pricing and details)

Swanage Collection ( Tourist Office )

Retailing at Swanage Tourist Office, Shore Road, Swanage, Dorset BH19 1LB

Now in stock.

Top left:          Shore Road beach huts

Top right:       Looking east

Bottom left:   View across the bay

Bottom right: Spa beach huts

Swanage Collection  (See Store)

Bottom row     As Tourist Office above

Top left:            Prince Albert Gardens and Swanage Bay

Top right:         View from the pier

Lulworth, Dorset Collection 

The original sketches for these pieces were drawn from notes on a Geography teacher weekend in October 2016. I sought the consent of The Lulworth Estate and received no objection to selling them.

These drawings are done in fineliner pen and are uncoloured in the cards that I had printed. However, some of the black and white designs have since been offered as hand coloured by me. A record is kept by me of all hand-coloured cards so that no two copies are identical. See Store for both types of cards.

Top:          Man O’War Bay

Middle:     Stair Hole

Bottom:     Durdle Door

National Trust Purbeck Estate

Like the Lulworth designs these are drawn in fineliner and are in black and white. Hand-coloured designs are available as well (See Store). Both are places that I visit regularly and will be the subject of more works in the future.

Left:         Corfe Castle

Right:       Studland Beach with Isle of Wight and Old Harry


Designs drawn before I moved to Dorset in 2016

Each of these four designs came from original work done on visits / holidays.

Cromer, Norfolk was based on two holidays taken in Overstrand to the east of Cromer. As a Geographer I taught about sea defences and drew many examples while in this area. This is the only one to make it into print form to date.

The View across Parker’s Piece came from a visit to the city for drawing with fellow USK members (Urban Sketchers). This organisation was my first introduction in 2015/16 to drawing with other artists. I lived in Essex at the time and both London and Cambridge were easily accessible. This actual view is a modified version of my original piece from a pub. This was the first piece I was asked for the original of earlier in 2017.

Signpost was based on my geographer habit of locating places and is based on a number of wooden signposts that I have drawn or modified.

Curlew (stuffed in museum) was exactly that – a new USK Group was forming in North Essex and I sketched this Curlew in the Colchester Natural History museum. It took three attempts to proportion the original to fit it on the page.

Each Design is available in black and white card. Cromer and Signpost have both proved popular as hand-coloured designs too (See Store).

Top:           Cromer, Norfolk


Left:           View across Parkers Piece, Cambridge

Middle:      Signpost

Right:         Curlew (stuffed in museum)

Photography cards

Top:           Flying Gull

Bottom:     Hungry hare

These photos were both taken using my new digital self camera bought to support my art work. It is a Nikon D3200 with a 16-300mm zoom lens.

Flying Gull was one of a sequence of shots taken of a juvenile Herring Gull taking flight from the rocks below the sea wall at Monkey Beach, Swanage near the entrance to the town’s pier.

Hungry Hare was taken in March 2017 when we spotted the new visitors to our garden. Nicknamed Morris (Maurice) the mad March hare, ‘he’ was snacking on our lavender bushes just outside the dining room window, hence the clarity of the shot. Photos of hares since have emphasised how quickly they move off.