“Hillview Drystone I” is complete

My largest pen and ink piece to date – an upcycled canvas using brown kraft paper stapled over the canvas – 80 x 30 cms.

So how did I go about it?

I have a clear view of this from our utility room at the back of the house. The long wall is part of our garden boundary. The other wall acts as a barrier to a section of the garden. The boundary wall in particular contains at last three ages of walling during the plot’s life. It is a view I have wanted to draw for a while and wanted to do it justice. My final thought has been to leave the entire picture as a pen and ink piece and not introduce any colour.

I started with the outline of the walls without any inner detail. Each wall was then drawn as a flat view showing the stone patterns. Meanwhile the grass to the left was added and shadow outlines marked. The longest single section was the chippings. Our home is surrounded by a “moat” of chippings on all sides. I chose to draw these as angular pieces individually – both the chippings and stone patterns include an element of artistic license in their recording.

Once that section was completed (over several days to allow for eye strain) I added the cross hatching to indicate the gaps between the stones and shadows cast. Th surface texture of the stones was also added. The final action was to record the shrubs and try that are seen above the boundary wall.

Sale time

So now it will go up for sale and I have decided that I am keeping a photographic record of these pieces but not having prints made making each one that I do a true one off. First refuser has been contacted – if you are interested in pieces like this please contact me.

Developing a picture from a friend’s photo (with consent)

One of my favourite subjects to draw because of the detail involved in the construction are Cornish Pilot rowing gigs. Each year in May the World championships are held in the Isles of Scilly. My club Swanage Sea Rowing Club takes several team combinations each year. As other commitments have kept me away from rowing recently I have less pictures to work from. A friend posted a photo which I asked consent to draw from. Once I had consent I started to plan how I might draw it.

My first attempt meant that my lines were not smooth enough, starting with the gigs. My second start was while I was working at Purbeck Artisan Yard on duty. My choice A4 Bristol board to use a smooth surface.

I built the picture up in fineliner pigment pen from the top of the image downwards. Artistic interpretation included some changing of details shown.

Then colour would come using my range of Windsor and Newton Promarkers and Brushmarkers. I am very pleased with the overall piece and have asked if anyone at the rowing club is interested in a print. If not, I will just put up for sale as the original during Purbeck Art Weeks starting on May 26th in two weeks.

What do you think? Feedback welcomed.

Bay H, Purbeck Artisan Yard, Month 1, Part 4

Finally in our fourth post we reach the framed pictures on the bottom ledge. The first three prints are from the Swanage Collection described in part 2i (i was a typo!). Framed prints in 16″ x 12″ size are £35. The fourth print is Hungry Hare described in part 3, also £35 for a framed print.

The next three pieces are all originals and one-offs not available in print form.

Firstly, Corfe Castle linocut print.

This is the first linocut that I have made. At my art group (Art Workshop, Swanage) we were doing a unit on printing. In our first session on linocut Jude our tutor had a sheet of Lino 5at she could not use. Instead of starting with a small square of softcut I opted for the A4 sheet – I like a challenge! I hand drew the scene based on recent pieces I had been planning of Corfe Castle. I then hand cut the Lino. This represents the 7th print as roller prints did not pick up all the detail. This was hand painted by brush and then rollers onto pre-soaked printing paper. This is the only print that is being sold as a record of this printmaking. It is framed and on sale for £100.

The second original piece was drawn on location (“en plein air” outside). The work is in fineliner pen and ink and includes a small use of colour pencil. It is A3 in size framed in a 20″ x 16″. It depicts a drystone wall on the Houns Tout Ridge on the edge of Kingston, Dorset.

The reason this wall stood out is that it is internally collapsing and is a “Wall in decline”. The obelisk in the background stands on the edge of the Encombe estate in the “Golden bowl”. The piece is for sale for £200. This reflects on the time, detail and size of this piece.

The third and final piece is a record of the extension of the drystone wall along the upper section of West Street, Kingston in the woods. It shows the boundary between the old wall to the right and newer wall to the left. This wall now encloses the walkers car park for the Houns Tout path. After almost a year the two sections of wall are almost indistinguishable. One print was taken from this for Lawrence the Waller who gave me an introduction to the techniques of drystone walling one morning as he worked, the first time he had been given a record of his work. It is for sale for £75.

Well, that is the back wall explained. Tomorrow I will explain what you will find on a visit on the table and easel at the end of bay H.

Bay H, Purbeck Artisan Yard, Month 1, part 3

On stories behind the work in my bay.

Printed cards ledge;

This ledge shows most of my printed cards range. They come in colour, photographic or pen and ink black on white. All printed cards are £ 2 individually or 3 for £5. Most designs are 7″ x 5″ and are in a cellophane wrapper with envelope.

There are some new 2018 designs in a small suitcase in front of the partition wall opposite this wall. I will describe those in a later post.

The first 5 cards are my Swanage collection linked to the work for the TiC explained in part 2i post yesterday. The only drawing not describe is the one for the Spa huts found above Shore Road, Swanage. The card was drawn before the holiday season 2017. Since then 6 Super Spa Huts have been added.

Photographic cards;

Only two at present. These feature: Flying Gull and Hungry Hare. Both images can also be bought as prints.

Flying Gull was selected from a sequence of shots taken by Monkey beach, Swanage. It shows a juvenile Gull skimming the sea’s surface. The card is 8″ x 4″.

Hungry Hare was taken in my garden as “Maurice / Morris” the March hare tucked into our lavender plants. The print of this has proved popular.

The black and white pen and ink cards are derived from drawings I have made pre and since opening AndyKnillArt.

These three pieces are;

Cromer, Norfolk – tide coming in. this came from a series of sketches I did on two holidays to Overstrand to the east of Cromer. It also links to teaching ideas in coastal geography lessons previously. This card has proved popular in its hand-coloured guise – see later post on the table in the bay.

Curlew, stuffed in a museum. I have been told I can’t title a card like that, well I have as I drew this fine example on a sketchmeet in Colchester, Essex in the Natural History Museum. I was only able to draw the detail involved because this Curlew was not going to move.

View of Parker’s Piece, Cambridge. Basically an edited version of my original view and location sketch from a pub at the fringe of Parker’s Piece of the houses and avenue of trees seen across the field in Central Cambridge.

These three coastal scenes are all of the Purbeck coast line. All are based on location sketches made on geography fieldwork trips.The first is a simplistic but recognisable drawing of Durdle Door, Lulworth. The second illustrates the geological features of Stair Hole found to the west of Lulworth Cove and the east of Durdle Door. The third shows a Landrover Defender parked at the back of Studland beach. In the background you can see the Isle of Wight’s western edge and Old Harry Rocks at the end of Ballard Down shown on many of my pictures of Swanage. The Landrover is included as they are a popular vehicle with the watersports operator on the beach and the National Trust who manage the Studland Estate. This card has also proved popular in its hand-coloured variations.

Signpost-ed is modelled on the popular wooden walkers signs seen across Purbeck. This one however shows adjacent counties and France across the English Channel. hand-coloured variants on this design have been popular at Christmas and with a variety of additional places signposted too.

The end shelf at the entrance to the bay displays an explanation about #artbombing, an activity I participate in to spread access to art. There is a description of the idea on the shelf.

There are also a changing number of examples of #freeart and #freetofinder pieces. If visiting please take a look.

In tomorrow’s piece the bottom ledge /row of framed pieces…

AndyKnillArt News Update 13th April

Well, school holidays mean that my weekly art group is not on. I have been doing some gardening outside the building that will serve as my Open Studio (22) for Purbeck Art Weeks from May 27th. Three pictures are now at framers – the New wall / Old wall piece which will then return to the Artcubed exhibition in L’Artishe, Swanage. The other pieces are my entries for the Etches / PAW exhibition and confirmed today the Verges piece that will be on display at RSPB Arne. I will now have to decide on another piece to represent my work at Rollington Barn for Purbeck Art Weeks. This will mean that in my first six months four pieces of my art will be in exhibitions.

I have been doing some pen and ink drawings around home this last week and looking for opportunities for small scale studies of plants, fauna and features e.g. Parts of buildings, renovation work we have done so far and more wall drawings.

This is the second piece drawn looking towards the studio to be. 

I also have a kit to start the preparation for my Silk flag workshop on Sunday 23rd April which will stand at our gateway to guide people to the open studio. I am thinking of a simplified design based on the above drawing, if possible.

I have spoken to two local businesses about drafting some card designs to see if they are interested. Also fitting in my art around my part time work moving boats around. Yesterday I saw the cards retailing at Swanage Tourist Information centre which has now reopened on the seafront. It was very satisfying to see the card – by local artist … .