My photography

My photographs are taken on two different types of device:

– my current mobile phone (at the moment a Huawei P20 Pro

– my digital slr – a Nikon D3200

I have always taken a wide variety of photos to record moments, places visited and things that grab my attention. They sometimes provide inspiration for art pieces.

Some of my photos are used to share online and more recently I have started to look for examples to print and sell. These are best shown by:

Hungry Hare and Flying Gull

Hungry Hare and Flying Gull greetings cards

Hungry Hare was a brown hare eating the lavender planted outside our kitchen window in March 2017. We are lucky to live in the hare area of Purbeck and see them throughout the year.

Available from:

The Courtyard Studio Swanage: Art in the heart of Swanage


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