AndyKnillArt News from PAW 2017

No weekly update this week, a daily PAW diary instead from Saturday May 27 to Sunday June 11.

Friday June 10

A day of action and the conversion of an outbuilding with new painted walls and some shelves attached to display prints into a fully working studio. Some jobs went through stages of frustration before completion but by the end of Friday I had a fully working studio to use from now on.

The sunny weather helped too and showed how we could base a table outside when the weather allowed.

The buttercups have all started to come out for PAW so matching yellow flowers for the PAW logo.

My second table, this may be placed outside but also shows some of my recent starts with acrylics. 

The ligh fitting that caused frustration that now works and gives a good spread of light when the sun is not co-operating.

The far end of the studio on entry is where my originals are and my photo canvas of The Pinnacles taken from Old Harry rocks.

The only canvas not for sale.

Signs are now spread through Kingston to lead visitors up to the Houns Toutcar park. Please walk to the studio and not drive to the venue.

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