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Oh what the heck 12 pm Saturday November 25th be on Swanage seafront or be somewhere else. I will be in Swanage and will be working through to Sunday January 7th. It’s almost like doing a whole school half term, not Autumn term obviously. I will be working 5 days a week like I did officially before.

So my original art and print copies of some of them.

I have surprised even myself when I started to total up all the work I have available considering this work has only really been produced since the start of 2017. Some items are staying with me as they don’t match the standards of later pieces.

You can buy an original piece of art from me that won’t be reproduced for as little as £4 in a 7″by 5″ card form. For £10 you can have a miniature canvas, for £15 a mini canvas. Then we get onto the original drawings for some of my cards, these are either 7″ by 5″ based on card stock at £40 or £100 for mounted A4 pieces. Finally A3 black and white pen and ink drawings at £100, coloured A4 pieces at £100, panorama colour at £150 and some exhibition pieces that were professionally framed from £100 to £150.

Alternatively I could just post some images or you can come and look for yourselves. Also see previous posts on this blog or my Facebook page: AndyKnillArt.

All of my print copies are giclée fine art prints on archival quality paper and should last many years (subject to their treatment) they start at £25 in a mount and £35 in a frame.

Apologies needing to slow down and get up for the start …

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