Artisan of the Year 2017

As part of the Artisans on the Beach event there were two events where Swanage TIC (Tourist Information Centre) awards certificates. The first competition was the standard of display and Bronze, Silver and Gold were awarded. I was not amongst them.

The second competition was Artisan of the Year. Not knowing the criteria we all went about our artisan lives as we wished. As my previous post showed I tended to show the more extrovert side of my character in the outfits that I chose and sometimes the almost hyper levels of energy I let off when not dealing with visitors / customers. I also tried to be supportive towards fellow Artisans and was a regular hots drink provider. I spent a lot of my time outside on the pavement area drawing / adding colour to new pieces of work and discussing what I was doing with passers by.

On Friday 5th January we were told the results would be announced. Down to 7 huts still open we gathered for tea and cake and when TiC arrived we challenged that if the winner was not amongst us they might go away. I wanted to win but really didn’t know what criteria they were using so didn’t expect to. I was wrong I did win and very proudly displayed my certificate and plaque until closing today (Sunday 7th) and will continue to display in my home studio.

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