Bay H, Purbeck Artisan Yard, Month 1, End Wall

Ok, yes I could have called this part 5, but people might be put off by the 5th sequel. This part of the bay has been rearranged since the initial set up. There are three aspects to this section;

– table and items on it

– easel displaying one piece

– chair used as a print browser

Under the previous owners of the bay this area allowed them to dress the bay to resemble a room setting. It is something I want to develop to emulate in my own way, see future End Wall posts to see how this changes over time. The window gives great natural light to the bay. I bought the table from Jenny one of the previous bay holders, the two chairs in the bay were donated by Eddie.

Table and items on it:

This is a display area, an introduction to me and a working area to when I am in the bay, but not on shift. So I have displayed two pieces about myself, one is an introduction to how AndyKnillArt came about.

The second shows my mounted certificate and plaque awarded for the title of Artisan of the Year from the Swanage TiC event Artisans on the Beach that I did from November 2016 to January 2017 over 6 Weeks. It is not an artisan award for the yard but one I am proud to have been awarded.

The other items on the table are for sale, they include:

– framed photos of Purbeck wildlife taken by me, these cost £5 each and have an easel stand to help display.

Current photos are of a pheasant,a deer, and two swan pictures

There are then two open plastic boxes containing greetings cards. These are different from my printed cards. The two types of cards are:

– hand – coloured cards

My pen and ink cards have caused some potential customers to comment that I could have coloured them in, my response initially was to say that as the artists I am quite happy that they colour them for themselves. Some seem to consider this heresy. After hearing this for a while I decided that I would colour some of my designs. I keep a photographic record for myself of each one done so that each card is an original and does not duplicate a previous one. Some customers have then framed these cards for themselves, others have kept and others used as a greetings card to send.

The following are examples of cards I have coloured and may not be the ones presently in the box. Individual hand -coloured cards cost £3 each or 2 for £5.

Other designs have also featured including – Signpost-ed / Corfe Castle (not in yard) / Stairhole, Lulworth / Parker’s Piece, Cambridge. I am happy to hand- colour a card as a commissioned colour scheme for the standard £3 price.

– Original cards

During PAW17 when I was working in my studio I drew some pieces straight onto blank cardstock and sold these as original pieces. Again I keep a photographic record for myself of these cards and each is a hand drawn original piece of art and hand signed. These have been framed by some customers as a 7″ x 5″ piece of art. They cost £3.50 each or 3 for £10. I am happy to produce original cards as commission pieces.

As above the following examples may not be in the box in the yard.

– Easel displaying one framed original piece of art

The piece on display currently is a pen and ink drawing made on location (en plein air) during the PAW17 sketching trip to the Encombe estate outside Kingston. This piece is drawn looking from the valley floor across a wall of the garden up towards the Houns Tout Ridge above. It is for sale in a 20″ by 16″ frame for £200 and there are no prints or cards to be made from this piece.


– using the chair as browser for a set of 8 mounted giclée prints that will all fit a standard 16″ x 12″ frame. Each print is priced at £25.

Two of the prints are not available as cards. Their original copies are both available still, if interested please contact me.

– Fern, our affectionate name for our family tree fern (Dicksonia Antarctica). This was drawn in 2016 when we lived in Essex. We successfully transported Fern with us to Dorset and it continues to thrive here.

– A winter sunset – based on the colour combinations and tree silhouettes we see close to our home.

The other 6 prints are also available as cards in the small suitcase that I shall blog about tomorrow. The images I will use are of the card version (standard printed card cost – £2 each / 3 for £5).

Exercise at the beach – based on a drawing and photo during Artisans on the Beach.

Swanage Pier -how it can appear at sunrise, something I have watched a few times and sunset as I did during Artisans on the Beach. A beach hut shop visitor didn’t buy the original but said are you getting prints made? I have now and a card too.

Looking north across Swanage Bay – the pen and ink work was drawn on location from the bottom of Prince Albert Gardens in the summer of 2017. It shows the variety of boats in the bay. Firstly, the floating pontoon and two moored “plastic” Cornish pilot gigs (name of boat class) belonging to Swanage Sea Rowing Club (SSRC). Then a mixture of motor boats including some of the hire boats available to the public, inflatables and other leisure craft. Moored yachts, some local and some visiting the bay. Finally the Moonfleet which runs trips from the pier each summer and is also involved with local pirate events.

Approaching Brownsea Island – a trip last September when I took lots of photos which I hope to gradually interpret as a series of works of Brownsea and the views from it.

Year 3 Swanage Primary trip – In February and March I did some work with two classes at Swanage Primary on sketching and landscape art. On each sketching trip I did a separate drawing which I then coloured later at home. The original is not available for this piece.

Sunset over Houns Tout and Swyre Head – I took a photograph of this on my way home from Artisans on the Beach at the beginning of last December. The entrance to the English Stamp Company offers a safe place to pull over to capture such views. I then produced the drawing.

Corfe Castle from outside the GPs surgery – I attend Corfe Castle surgery and the treat every time when leaving is this view over the hedge around the car park of Corfe Castle. I used this piece to develop my interpretation of clouds and vegetation at different points within the piece.

This post crashed mid production this is now the final post.

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