How a concept can just fit together

When I was participating in the Artisans on the Beach event in Swanage until January I thought I needed to offer a range of art smaller than my main stock of A4 and A3 pieces. I offer miniature and mini canvases with easel stands but these lack the presence of a framed piece.

I hadn’t progressed with the idea until today. May 1st. This morning I was drinking at a cafe on Swanage seafront. I decided to draw some brief pen sketches of boats I could see out in the bay. My always drawing (“working”) was commented on by a friend but to be honest this was for relaxation, or that is what I thought at the time.

Later when at home I coloured in the drawings with coloured pencils. I liked the outcome and decided I would like to produce a smaller 6 by 4 inch or thereabouts size piece. So I decided that. The colour pencil was the medium to use so which paper should base my work on? my choice was ultra smooth Bristol Board 250 gsm that I had bought pads of on a previous restock trip to The Range.

I worked on a few pieces using firstly my boat sketches and then some photos taken previously. I then framed some pieces in some7 by 5 inch frames I had bought in B & Q.

Pleased ? Yes I now have another step in my range of reasonably priced art works to offer. I will be adding pieces to my work at bay H in Purbeck Artisan Yard, Wareham and in my Open Studio (23) for Purbeck Art Weeks.

Thanks for reading- feedback welcomed.

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