Life after PAW

Well, PAW18 finished yesterday, I took my signs down in the village and slowed down last night. This morning was collection time of unsold work and earnings from Rollington Barn. Also an opportunity to chat with other participants, enjoy a coffee and some Dorset apple cake. Several conversations soon descended into swapping names of suppliers used for mounts, printing et al. This year I had points to swop too. Packing up browsers, card displays et al was done, even counting coloured counters for breakdown of visitor data.

Home meant a rest then it was the next follow up – buying frames for clients who wanted the frame I didn’t have in stock. So first, a trip to Bournemouth, out of stock and a resigned drive to Dorchester where they were in stock. The afternoon temperature in the car had risen and shaded tree lined country roads were a pleasure on the way back.

This evening, friends who couldn’t come to the studio because of own shop commitments are coming up to view the studio. I have original pieces to frame and clients to contact.

But tomorrow, art will take a break and back to my freelance boat hand hiring job – unless there’s a gap in demand and then I will be sketching.

I am assured that many others were also slowing down today.

It is nice to sit out here and not wonder if people on the path are coming in to visit or not.

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