Day Two

The forecast was dry, cloudy and southwesterly winds. The reality was less of the dry and quite a lot of coastal mist / drizzle. Today’s artisan outfit was my blue cloud suit, one complaint from a return visitor that they preferred yesterday’s Polar bear.

We opened from 10 to 4 and this year the cameraderie and need to check all left safely meant that all were gone by 4.30. We had a steady stream of visitors today. I sold less today but was still pleased.

In the first weekend I have sold three framed prints, one mounted print and 37 cards – many of them from my #SantaoverPurbeck series. I have exceeded my sales from last year’s first week where I was on duty every day. I have my Purbeck Artisan Yard duty in Wareham on the next two Monday’s for my monthly commitment and an additional day on the next two Tuesdays. I return to Hut 54 on Wednesday through to Sunday when I hope to start to have the opportunity in the weather to start some new pieces. Last year I drew 8 original pieces over the seven weeks of the 2017 event.

This photo today sums up the encouraging sign of visitors #browsing and considering my work. I have had many conversations this weekend about technique, media, subject matter, living in Purbeck and I have enjoyed it all and I look forward to 26 more days like them.

See any of you visiting Swanage on Wednesday or maybe in Wareham from 10 to 4 pm tomorrow.

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