PAW19 or Purbeck Art Weeks approaches

I was just looking back to my 2018 posts and see that I started blogging about the run up to PAW18 eleven days prior.

This year is my third as an Open Studio and I am number 22 as I was in 2017. I am very relaxed going into the fortnight although self doubt etc has struck a few times as the time approaches. I still find it hard to believe that in less than 2.5 years I have become comfortable with the label “artist” and that I have sold a wide range of work to customers both locally in Purbeck and internationally too.

So why an Open Studio?

I enjoy meeting people who look at my work and discussing it and my technique and inspirations with them. Standing by a display of work is no replacement for being able to continue working and developing new pieces as I have visitors coming in. It also allows me to focus solely on art for 16 consecutive days, to sit inside or out dependent on the weather and study my surroundings at my own pace.

What will be different in 2019?

In 2017 I had about 8 or 9 pieces of art and some large photo canvases based on my own photographs. In 2018 I created my own hanging system to show the multitude of pieces I had produced, the studio felt a little cluttered. So this year I will have work on show in two parts of the outbuilding I use.

The addition of electric lighting and sockets have helped the accessibility. The open ended garage will be used to hang some original pieces that are on a larger scale than most pieces. Some are Not for Sale and represent pieces that I have chosen to keep back for myself. Others are available to interested buyers.

The studio will have less pictures on the walls but will show the variety of topics and ways I have depicted the areas I have drawn. I have done several pieces based on local drystone wall styles around Purbeck. Also recently I have drawn a few new A3 pen and ink pieces including my first piece based on my April holiday to British Columbia, Canada. My decorated wooden boxes will be available alongside the growing range of blank greeting cards. Following the “Flight of Fancy” theme I will have the whole “Santa over Purbeck” Christmas card set that will include the 2019 designs for Studland and Kimmeridge. I have these as last PAW I was not prepared with the new designs that sold very well last year of Corfe Castle and Wareham Quay. Since Artisans on the Beach 2018 in December I will also be wearing and / or exhibiting my hand drawn outfits which have received great feedback.

Visiting and fancy having a go – like my recent “Art for Fun” session for Swanage Library and events / duties at Purbeck Artisan Yard I will have the full colour range in the Winsor and Newton ProMarker pens available to try (please note I am NOT selling these – they are my work-tools). All ages are welcome to do a drawing to take away. Alternatively use one of the PAW sketchbooks available from Rollington Barn.

Refreshments will be available as last year for a donation to nominated charities. We will have water bowls and dog snacks too and dogs are welcome in both the garage and studio as the flagstone floor is not going to be damaged by them.

I look forward to welcoming as many visitors as possible. I am open from 10 am to 5pm everyday of the Arts event (May 25 to June 9).

If you or someone with you has a difficulty with mobility please ring me on 01929 481539 about driving up to the house. We encourage you otherwise to park in the Houns Tout walkers car park and walk up the track through the woods keeping an eye out for our local wildlife including hares, roe and sika deer. Also listening for our varied local bird life.



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