Enjoying other people’s art

Since I started the idea of selling my art at the end of January 2017 I have been exposed to more examples of art as I meet many other artists in Purbeck and across Dorset, plus other artists using Instagram and Facebook globally. I enjoy this. There will be pieces I admire but not have space for or the finances to buy.

I have been lucky to buy pieces over a number of years, now I increasingly buy work from local artists whose work I admire and who often have become friends too.

The last two larger piece that I have bought are sculptural rather than paintings.

At Christmas while I took part in Artisans on the Beach 2018 my hut was next to Alan’s and this splendid piece showing a range of his glass fish was exhibited daily outside his hut. As the event was successful for me I was able to buy it and I look at it everyday as it catches the light in so many ways and expresses movement.

During Purbeck Art Weeks 2019 I left my studio for two visits after normal opening hours. At Moira Purver’s we bought a small deer piece for my mother in law. At Angelika Seik’s my heart fell in love with a piece that expressed how Anne and I often relax with a book and a mug of tea. This is my largest purchase to date and I was able to sell some of my art too as a part exchange towards the price of the piece.

What do you enjoy art wise readers?

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