Day 20 – Monday 24th December / Christmas Eve

Well a dry day forecast but light easterly wind. We had 11 hutters opened up during the day. People left at different times for their Christmas / family time.

My day – I sold and put a Yr 3 Swanage Primary print in a frame with the addition of a St Andrews flag as part of a special request. Then card sales today. However my main focus was my #artsuit.

Last night I had used one of my photos to sketch out the view from the Banjo / Clock Tower Pier in the centre of the bay towards said clock tower, Victoria Avenue and the beach huts that our event is based in.

Now I had worn shorts under the boilersuit so that I could remove it to colour in the work from last night, however the easterly though a light wind as cool so I colour d in the suit upside down while wearing it. This did lead to some very odd angles according to some passers by and other Artisans. I made good progress during the day and will continue working on the suit and adding the remainder of the scene on the back of the trousers by the end of the event.

This was taken by Gail in Hut 52 at just 0.15 – yes check the clock behind. By the end of my day at 4 pm this represents the progress made. Some visitors revisited to check on progress or in response to the Facebook post above.

I have taken additional photos of the beach to either side to add detail including the recent increase in stones on the beach to the left in the image.

So, now for 42 hours away from my hut. I brought my pens home in case I feel the drawing or colouring urge on Christmas Day.

If you are visiting I will be back at the huts from Wednesday 26th (Boxing Day) by 10 a.m. and possibly earlier and trading until Wednesday January 2nd. I have many more prints and original pieces available plus wooden boxes, and my extensive greeting card selection.

If the idea of a hand drawn one off art suit appeals to you contact me to discuss the idea, it is something I want to repeat and will indeed be drawing myself some additional suit examples too.


Day 19 Sunday 23rd December

Sunday, due to be light rain, but then apart from a drizzly phase a cloudy and mainly dry day. A mixed day. Away from my art focus I had my day affected by a conversation with my eldest son – he has figured in posts on my personal blog previously. Today I have to pass on my thanks to my fellow artisans for their support and for Anne for coming down to be with me.

Later I was making the most of the penguin outfit to be – #penguinonthewall, #friendlypenguin, #penguinthatdraws.

Sales today included “Looking at wintery sky” which I framed while the customer was dog walking with their family – the second framed print of this to go in two days, in fact down to one copy at the artisan yard of current print run.

I also had a commission for some pictures of geckos from Ibiza collected.

Then there were 10 cards sales boosting Christmas card sales now to 385 across the four designs in just under 13 months – a series to continue with next year’s cards already planned ready for drafting and drawing in January.

So a day of up and down moods, silliness as a penguin, cake provided for the artisans, a chips treat, meeting return customers and people that lived in area we are previously. This December is proving to be my most successful month since AndyKnillArt started on Jan. 31 2017.

Also some ideas about possibly going into developing a rental unit as a follow up to Artisans on the Beach, this may well not work but a good positive focus this morning at least.

Oh and I bought myself a rather nice fishy piece from my neighbouring artisan.

Day 18 – Saturday 22nd December

Yes, the sun shone, we had lots of visitors. Kelp the shantymen sang and Judith Opsblum was crowned Artisan of the Year 2018. Oh yes and I wore my art suit.

So here are photos of the art pieces on my #handdrawnsuit.

Starting with the back and the event itself and my timeline and roles so far. This will be returning in future years.

The front chest pocket “contains” my drawing tools of course.

Their pen strokes are.

The chest picture is the first hand drawn landscape. As with my paper based art, the drawing is first done with fineliner pen, a 0.8 in this case. Colour is then added with the Winsor and Newton Promarkers.

Studland Bay with Old Harry Rocks

Each sleeve features the same landscape but from different sides.

In the case of Peveril Point on the southern side of Swanage Bay the two views are from Durlston Bay to the south and Swanage Bay to the north.

In the case of Durdle Door the views are from the sea (viewed from the south) and from the coast (viewed from the north).

The landscapes gave me a chance to use my training as a geography and geology teacher and my knowledge of the local coast with artistic license applied too. They are great examples of how art can be used to then explain geographical or geological ideas.

Thanks for reading.

Day 17 – Friday 21st December – Winter Solstice

The shortest day it may be, but it was also the best day in December for us so far, dry all day! The highlight of the day was the visit of Biker Santa who entertained us all.

As AndyKnillArt I continued with my overall / boiler suit art pieces and added three extra original art landscape pieces on the sleeves. The first full wearing will be tomorrow Saturday December 22nd also forecast as dry and the last shopping Saturday in the lead upto Christmas.

Tomorrow we have a performance from Kelp, local shanty men’s group from 12 to 1 and also at 12 the announcement of the Artisan of the Year 2018 by the team from Swanage Information Centre also Karen and Andy from the working party.

No pictures today but I will blog pictures tomorrow of the events and today’s plus the sharing of my original art suit.

Day 16 – Thursday 20th December

A dry day forecast and apart from one afternoon heavy shower that was the case. There were reports of lots of visitors in Swanage for the Santa Specials on the Swanage Railway. Numbers at the beach huts varied.

My focus today was to add to the art on my new boiler suit / art suit. I had stopped yesterday because of a lack of ideas.

So today, I started with the chest pocket and drew some of my drawing tools with their lids on. Under the pocket flap the nibs of the pens were revealed and the lines that their marks make.

Then I added decorated christmas trees either side of the back design to indicate that it is a christmas event.

(no picture currently)

I then decided that a landscape would look good on the front and drew the view of Old Harry rocks and the southern side of Studland Bay. I added additional detail by extending the view to take in the WW2 fort on the rocks in Middle Beach.

I then decided to work on one sleeve. I have completed one side with the view of Peveril Point from Durlston Bay. The opposite side of the sleeve will be the view of Peveril Point and the pier from Swanage Bay. As the light went it was not clear enough to draw the pier which I will continue working on during Friday opening. I will wear the suit in whatever state of progress it has made on Saturday 22nd when we have local shanty men Kelp performing and the announcement of Artisan of the Year 2018 at 12 pm by the beach huts.

Day 15 – Wednesday 19th December

Well a forecast which optimistically could be interpreted as dry with showers. instead showers with some dry. Sophie in hut 28 and I were entertained all morning by the changing colour of the sea and sky as Ballard Down and the Isle of Wight came into view, were obscured, vanished and so on. We both made some sales and Karen came down to 20 later and also had sales. Generally quiet though with pedestrians dodging the rain as and when they could plus a Swanage power cut in some areas.

I finished the pen and ink piece I started yesterday, finished my reading book and received a small commission to work on.

Tomorrow’s forecast is dry with strong sw winds which is ok as we are sheltered by the huts. My focus for Thursday is adding art on the new boiler suit.

Day 14 – Tuesday 18th December

So the forecast is windy and wet, not a hut day. So of course being stubborn I opened up this morning and only expecting to see Karen in Hut 20 later. She then was diverted by a matter elsewhere but Denise and Judith 21 and 18 came for a while. Rain started late morning.

Just watching the waves against Ballard Down was a positive experience. I started a pen and ink drawing of Ballard Down which I shall continue with this week.

A quiet day with some card sales and chats with a few visitors. I am pleased with the event for the 2 weeks I have done, but wish the weather could improve, a facebook memory today showed how I’d stayed this time last year to watch a great sunset at the end of the afternoon.

Days 12 and 13 – Sunday 16th and Monday 17th

Sunday had a dry morning but a wet afternoon. Monday was gloriously sunny and calm in the morning and cloudier in the afternoon.

So the weather has not been particularly helpful at weekends so far. It has two chances to redeem itself.

I used Sunday to sit outside in the mild morning air without lots of layers and got some air to my arms. I worked on a small pirate chest which wasn’t even completed before it sold, the customer wants to collect it next week so said if someone else wanted it in the meanwhile and I could do another for them …yes it sold and today Monday I made its replacement which has some individual customisations relevant to its intended recipient.

I also did a chest with local activities in the bay that we have seen while at the huts, again this was finished today. I also sold a number of cards too on Sunday. Today was more about sitting in the sunshine, I sold one card but saw some friends and chatted with a few visitors too.

Tuesday’s forecast is awful but I shall be there inside the hut working on pictures / new boilersuit so if passing please free to drop in. Hot drinks available for free. Only able to accomodate 4 drinks at a time.

Day Ten – Friday 14th December

So a forecast of less wind from se and temperature of 4 to 5C. In actual fact the wind dropped during the day, we were treated to several glimpses of blue sky and I was able to draw outside so better than expected and more afternoon customers as well with a number of card sales. Last Saturday I wore my “paper” hand drawn suit which has been hanging in the hut as an example of my art since. On Tuesday I had visited a workwear store called Acutts in Weymouth where I bought a white poly cotton boiler suit. Today I would start to draw on it if conditions allowed.

First the design elements of the trial suit. Each leg ended with a beach scene, one was a night scene with Santa over the beach, the second a day scene showing Swanage pier.

Each scene was hand drawn using fineliner pen initially then coloured using Promarkers. To avoid overloading the fabric or transfer to the other side of the leg watercolour paper or Bristol board sheet was laid under the surface being worked on.

The front of the chest became my classic beach hut scene and the name of Andy Knill Art.

While at the beach I added the Facebook and Instagram emblems on each sleeve with my relevant address. Then I decided I needed an element of the Purbeck coastline. Again drawn first in fineliner then coloured in stages using the Promarkers. This was drawn from memory and my brain without reference pictures, the outcome far exceeded my expectations or hopes.

The panel runs from the right hand side of the body and goes around the body.

Finally the upper back shows the logo designed for Artisans on the Beach last year and the dates I have been involved.

So today I started the work on the more substantial suit, would the pen take, how much would it bleed in the material? I started with he back panel with the same idea. Colours were bolder. Then with the dates I have recorded my outcome / role and then added some holly. It all worked well and I used a plastic covered canvas as my drawing surface. As in 2017 when I drew outside this led to conversations with visitors and sharing the work on the temporary suit on show in the hut.

I will post developments as the boiler suit has more added and will also wear it on future days too.