Day 16 – Thursday 20th December

A dry day forecast and apart from one afternoon heavy shower that was the case. There were reports of lots of visitors in Swanage for the Santa Specials on the Swanage Railway. Numbers at the beach huts varied.

My focus today was to add to the art on my new boiler suit / art suit. I had stopped yesterday because of a lack of ideas.

So today, I started with the chest pocket and drew some of my drawing tools with their lids on. Under the pocket flap the nibs of the pens were revealed and the lines that their marks make.

Then I added decorated christmas trees either side of the back design to indicate that it is a christmas event.

(no picture currently)

I then decided that a landscape would look good on the front and drew the view of Old Harry rocks and the southern side of Studland Bay. I added additional detail by extending the view to take in the WW2 fort on the rocks in Middle Beach.

I then decided to work on one sleeve. I have completed one side with the view of Peveril Point from Durlston Bay. The opposite side of the sleeve will be the view of Peveril Point and the pier from Swanage Bay. As the light went it was not clear enough to draw the pier which I will continue working on during Friday opening. I will wear the suit in whatever state of progress it has made on Saturday 22nd when we have local shanty men Kelp performing and the announcement of Artisan of the Year 2018 at 12 pm by the beach huts.

How a concept can just fit together

When I was participating in the Artisans on the Beach event in Swanage until January I thought I needed to offer a range of art smaller than my main stock of A4 and A3 pieces. I offer miniature and mini canvases with easel stands but these lack the presence of a framed piece.

I hadn’t progressed with the idea until today. May 1st. This morning I was drinking at a cafe on Swanage seafront. I decided to draw some brief pen sketches of boats I could see out in the bay. My always drawing (“working”) was commented on by a friend but to be honest this was for relaxation, or that is what I thought at the time.

Later when at home I coloured in the drawings with coloured pencils. I liked the outcome and decided I would like to produce a smaller 6 by 4 inch or thereabouts size piece. So I decided that. The colour pencil was the medium to use so which paper should base my work on? my choice was ultra smooth Bristol Board 250 gsm that I had bought pads of on a previous restock trip to The Range.

I worked on a few pieces using firstly my boat sketches and then some photos taken previously. I then framed some pieces in some7 by 5 inch frames I had bought in B & Q.

Pleased ? Yes I now have another step in my range of reasonably priced art works to offer. I will be adding pieces to my work at bay H in Purbeck Artisan Yard, Wareham and in my Open Studio (23) for Purbeck Art Weeks.

Thanks for reading- feedback welcomed.