Bay H, Purbeck Artisan Yard, Month 1, part 3

On stories behind the work in my bay.

Printed cards ledge;

This ledge shows most of my printed cards range. They come in colour, photographic or pen and ink black on white. All printed cards are £ 2 individually or 3 for £5. Most designs are 7″ x 5″ and are in a cellophane wrapper with envelope.

There are some new 2018 designs in a small suitcase in front of the partition wall opposite this wall. I will describe those in a later post.

The first 5 cards are my Swanage collection linked to the work for the TiC explained in part 2i post yesterday. The only drawing not describe is the one for the Spa huts found above Shore Road, Swanage. The card was drawn before the holiday season 2017. Since then 6 Super Spa Huts have been added.

Photographic cards;

Only two at present. These feature: Flying Gull and Hungry Hare. Both images can also be bought as prints.

Flying Gull was selected from a sequence of shots taken by Monkey beach, Swanage. It shows a juvenile Gull skimming the sea’s surface. The card is 8″ x 4″.

Hungry Hare was taken in my garden as “Maurice / Morris” the March hare tucked into our lavender plants. The print of this has proved popular.

The black and white pen and ink cards are derived from drawings I have made pre and since opening AndyKnillArt.

These three pieces are;

Cromer, Norfolk – tide coming in. this came from a series of sketches I did on two holidays to Overstrand to the east of Cromer. It also links to teaching ideas in coastal geography lessons previously. This card has proved popular in its hand-coloured guise – see later post on the table in the bay.

Curlew, stuffed in a museum. I have been told I can’t title a card like that, well I have as I drew this fine example on a sketchmeet in Colchester, Essex in the Natural History Museum. I was only able to draw the detail involved because this Curlew was not going to move.

View of Parker’s Piece, Cambridge. Basically an edited version of my original view and location sketch from a pub at the fringe of Parker’s Piece of the houses and avenue of trees seen across the field in Central Cambridge.

These three coastal scenes are all of the Purbeck coast line. All are based on location sketches made on geography fieldwork trips.The first is a simplistic but recognisable drawing of Durdle Door, Lulworth. The second illustrates the geological features of Stair Hole found to the west of Lulworth Cove and the east of Durdle Door. The third shows a Landrover Defender parked at the back of Studland beach. In the background you can see the Isle of Wight’s western edge and Old Harry Rocks at the end of Ballard Down shown on many of my pictures of Swanage. The Landrover is included as they are a popular vehicle with the watersports operator on the beach and the National Trust who manage the Studland Estate. This card has also proved popular in its hand-coloured variations.

Signpost-ed is modelled on the popular wooden walkers signs seen across Purbeck. This one however shows adjacent counties and France across the English Channel. hand-coloured variants on this design have been popular at Christmas and with a variety of additional places signposted too.

The end shelf at the entrance to the bay displays an explanation about #artbombing, an activity I participate in to spread access to art. There is a description of the idea on the shelf.

There are also a changing number of examples of #freeart and #freetofinder pieces. If visiting please take a look.

In tomorrow’s piece the bottom ledge /row of framed pieces…


two days into Artisans on the Beach and I have paid off the hut rental and just another £6 will see my daily parking fees covered for the six weeks too.

Yes, I am very pleased with how the event has started. I have learnt valuable lessons – it’s too cold for sandals and bare feet now in 8C or below and a coastal breeze. Food is a great trade between hut holders. Knowing more people in the town pays off in terms of knowing visitors beforehand.

Main sales are cards including the very popular Santa over Swanage new Christmas card. I have sold one miniature and a framed print today.

Now a break for other jobs to do then back on Tuesday and I need to top up Santa… stocks and hand-coloured cards especially for Cromer and Studland.

3 …..

days to the opening of Artisans on theBeach, Swanage. Today it is Thursday and stock, tools, tables, tinsel sorting for set up on Friday / Saturday.

We will all open at 12 p.m. onSaturday with a grand opening with the Town Crier so bells and pizzazz. Apparently Santa is on his way to.

So, Hut 54 andAndyKnillArt, what do I have to offer?

My product range starts with:


Printed £2 each (3 for £5)

A variety of designs including black and white pen and ink work and colour pieces of Swanage developed alongside the Tourist Information Centre. Photographs of Hungry Hare (Morris outside eating our lavender) and Flying Gull skimming the surface of Swanage Bay.

All cards are blank for your own greetings. Flying Gull is 8″ x 4″, all other cards are 7″ x 5″. Each card comes in a cellophane wrapper with envelope.

**NEW Christmas designs**

Santa over Swanage and Santa over Chapman’s Pool. These are the first of a new seasonal series of works for Christmas in Purbeck.

Hand coloured cards

£3 each (2 for £5)

Some have expressed to see some of my black and white printed cards in a coloured version. I am not averse to adding to cards I buy and the black and white pen and ink cards could be used to colour in your own way – these are ones that I have done additional work on. Each is an individual colour scheme so no two are identical.

Original hand drawn art cards

£4 each (3 for £10)

These cards are individually drawn and coloured. I keep a record of all work produced so that each card is original and a design is not duplicated. Essentially these are 7″ by 5″ original pieces of art which can be sent as a card or framed to display.

Tomorrow on 2 ….. my canvases – miniature and small – again all are original pieces of art.

On 1 …… my original and fine art quality prints at A4, A3 and panoramas. Plus prints of Flying Gull and Hungry Hare.

I will be developing new Art every day when at hut 54, feel free to drop by, see what I am doing, chat, draw together – that’s how I got started (6th December 2016 I drew my first commercial piece Swanage Beach Huts).