Meet the artist aka duty day at the yard

So, several times each month I do my duty days at the Purbeck Artisan Yard. A duty is where I stay in the building between 10 and 5 (summer hours) and represent all 22 Artisans as a member of our collective. I welcome visitors, try and establish if they are new or repeat visitors and how they found out about us. I keep records of sales made.

I realised however of course that while sat in the yard I am in a position that people interested in my art can come and meet me. They might be interested in the Promarker media that I use to produce my work. I am there and quite willing to share, discuss ideas, share information about possible suppliers. This was how others locally helped me to start selling my work and I want to do the same for others.

So on my Facebook page I am now posting dates of my duty days as events where I seek to share about my media and art. Last Saturday this included offering some visiting children the opportunity its to make their own artcards. A lady came in he afternoon with her daughter to have a go at the artcard activity I had posted online earlier in the day.

These are the cards produced. I was taught how to draw a flamingo using the numbers 2 and 4 which I found fascinating.

So coming up duty days / Meet the artist – AndyKnillArt

Thursday 23 August

Saturday 15 September

Saturday 22 September

Wednesday 26 September

Wednesday 3 October

Thursday 11 October

Thursday 18 October

Saturday 27 October

We open from 10am to 5pm at Church Street, Wareham – see image of my postcard on how our location links to St Mary’s Church, the Pink house and road leading past

the back of Sainsbury car park.

Changes afoot …

Well if I haven’t chased my readers away with infrequent posts recently. I decided enough of my excuses I needed to up my game with my online presence. So I am restructuring the web site – all constructive feedback welcomed.

What lies ahead?

– Meet the artist events – i.e. come into the Purbeck Artisan Yard, Church Street, Wareham when I am on duty. I am there to promote the work of all of our Artisans. However, if I can answer questions linked to techniques and the media that I use then I will. Please note my art materials are not for sale as one gentleman tried recently but I can recommend stockists that I use.

– Christmas, yes that season that I would never have considered this early before becoming an artist, lies ahead and my #SantaOverPurbeck range of 4 card designs are now available from Bay H at the yard. I can also take orders by using the contact form in the menu options in the site header or email me direct at They retail at £2 each, or 3 for £5. Interests in commercial stocking or larger quantities (25 units plus will include price discounts).

-on Saturday August 25th I will have work for sale at a craft event in Wareham Town Hall. This will include my full card range of printed cards and a selection of original pieces and fine art prints of my work to date.

– In December I will be participating in Artisans on the Beach in the beach huts on Shore Road, Swanage as I did in 2017. I am on the committee to organise the event which will focus on being open from Friday to Sunday for the five weekends so that Artisans are all there. I will be open on additional weekdays, details to be given in November. If you would like to look at what is required and would consider putting an application in by the September 2nd deadline please see the Artisans on the Beach page on Facebook. We will have an event that develops from the previous events and yes “that” suit may make an appearance.

I will continue to develop new pieces. I have two events booked for Autumn 2019 but I will tell you about those in 12 months.

Developing a picture from a friend’s photo (with consent)

One of my favourite subjects to draw because of the detail involved in the construction are Cornish Pilot rowing gigs. Each year in May the World championships are held in the Isles of Scilly. My club Swanage Sea Rowing Club takes several team combinations each year. As other commitments have kept me away from rowing recently I have less pictures to work from. A friend posted a photo which I asked consent to draw from. Once I had consent I started to plan how I might draw it.

My first attempt meant that my lines were not smooth enough, starting with the gigs. My second start was while I was working at Purbeck Artisan Yard on duty. My choice A4 Bristol board to use a smooth surface.

I built the picture up in fineliner pigment pen from the top of the image downwards. Artistic interpretation included some changing of details shown.

Then colour would come using my range of Windsor and Newton Promarkers and Brushmarkers. I am very pleased with the overall piece and have asked if anyone at the rowing club is interested in a print. If not, I will just put up for sale as the original during Purbeck Art Weeks starting on May 26th in two weeks.

What do you think? Feedback welcomed.

Bay H, AndyKnillArt, Purbeck Artisan Yard, Month 1

So, my art now has a space to be exhibited all the time. As I said in my previous post I moved items in on Monday March 5th. I bought a table, was given some chairs and added an easel of my own. Since then I have added my family coffee table from my parents’ house that has been part of my life for over 50 years. In helping clear items in the family home I also acquired a small suitcase from my maternal grandmother’s side of the family.

This post and subsequent ones will introduce you to the work in the bay. I will share the story behind pieces and prices. You can buy the items at the Purbeck Artisan Yard or email me and I can invoice you and post on items if interested. Obviously the longer term aim is to sell online through this site, my Etsy store and possibly my Facebook page too.

Month 1 – March 2018

The three photos show the initial layout of the bay from March 5th before the coffee table and suitcase were added.

Back wall – main exhibition wall

The back wall is what attracted me to the bay as it is lit from the window at the end of the bay and offers a ready hanging space with greater height than that available in other bays.

Top row (left to right)

1) Panorama Looking to the south of Swanage Bay

In 2017 I sold the original drawing for the Shore Road Beach Huts and based on a sketch in one of my sketchbooks was commissioned to produce a larger version as a commission. The land and buildings went well but the change in media – coloured pencils to Promarker did not work when it came to the water and the piece was unsold. I have kept the piece as a lesson to myself. Later when I had bought an A2 pad I redrew the scene and did the sea differently. The quantity of marker ink led to a wrinkling of the paper. I left the pad closed under a piece of furniture and forgot about it. In February I opened the pad to see the piece was now much flatter and mounted and framed it. It is not a direct replacement for the original commission but was a good exercise for me to redo.

This piece is available as a framed original only for £150. It is hand signed and no prints or cards are planned from it.

2) View from my beach hut

Drawn outside my beach hut during Artisans on the Beach 2017/18. This was drawn directly onto canvas and offered a chance to try a panoramic piece on location. It includes Ballard Down to the left of the picture and Swanage Pier with Peveril Point beyond to the right of the picture. I simplified elements of the picture which was drawn in Promarkers without the usual pen and ink scaffold I usually start with. I took this piece along with (3) to Swanage Primary School when looking at how an Artist’s interpretation and choices can vary the amount of detail in a piece. The children were very good at finding elements I had simplified or omitted.

This is a canvas original and is not framed. It is for sale for £150. No cards or prints are planned from this piece and it is hand signed.

3) World fatbike day 2017, Swanage

Again I was based in the beach hut and this piece was developed over two weeks whileI was at the beach. I5 was not drawn from life but the photographs taken by Charlie, local cycle shop owner of the event that he organised. I asked if he could send me the photo and I would try to do a piece based on it. Knowing that I usually avoided drawing people as my confidence is. Still limited this was a big challenge. I was sent the photograph as requested and saved it on my iPad to use as a reference picture. This piece took more planning and thought and a lot of pen and ink fineliner scaffolding. I worked on the piece outside the hut as much as possible and this drew a lot of interest from passers by and at one point by one of the cyclists who identified himself and whose wife pointed out I had made him slimmer.

Around the time this was going on I had reason to look to two charities linked to my family – Parkinsons UK and St Mungos and I decided that the sale of this piece would include a donation of 50% of the sale price split evenly between the two charities. However, my father passing away and the grief process and other factors meant that I lost the thread in trying to sell the piece and /or prints of it. I have not had prints made at this point but may still consider this. The original canvas is for sale for £200 with £50 going to each of the charities named.

4) Photocanvas of sunset through the trees looking south towards Houns Tout /Swyre Head, Kingston, Dorset. A photo set I took and used as a composite panorama for a photo canvas to use at home. This is a second copy of the canvas. This is the view from the home that I rent and shares how the silhouettes of the trees show the light changes as darkness falls in a place where there is no artificial light. This is for sale for £75.

In my next post I will explain the background to the mounted prints and original below the above pieces. Comments welcomed.

A new venture …

Last week I was out in Wareham before the snow stopped everything and Anne and I dropped into The Purbeck Artisan Yard to see what was happening as I had heard several new artists were getting involved. Now I had a guest wall appearance in November that was good exposure but not a sales success. Since doing the Artisans on the Beach event I could see the benefit of having my work on display somewhere all of the time in addition to the four cards on sale at Swanage TiC.

We were blown away by Michelle’s enthusiasm and the new bay shares downstairs and new residents moving in upstairs. I saw bay H where Eddie had been based was vacant, it offers an end wall of hanging space, well lit by its window and can be seen as visitors walk through the upstairs space. Also Abi who was setting up had a banner similar to one I have used at craft fairs in year one. Also Jessamy who I have chatted to on Instagram was also setting up her bay.

So I considered it and even before walking downstairs had reached the decision that this is a community where I already know several of the artists and would like to be involved so I expressed interest in a bay. that was Thursday, the plan was to start putting work in my bay on Saturday 3rd but the weather put paid to that so now Monday 5th I will start to stock AndyKnillArt in Bay H. The yard is also a Purbeck Art Weeks venue so I will have work in my studio,at Rollington Barn and the yard too. I know that there is much I can learn and hopefully share to with my fellow artists.

So March 5 – Church Street, Wareham upstairs at the Purbeck Artisan Yard represents a chance for friends and fans of my work to see it more often. I will be exhibiting a range of pieces as I develop different collections. Today alone I have finished a winter tree piece I am very pleased with and started to produce a piece inspired by Storm Emma from Thursday’s pictures.