AndyKnillArt News from PAW day 10/11

Monday 5th June / Tuesday 6th June

Monday had a few visitors and some card and a framed photo purchase. The main output was the start of a new rowing piece using a range of photos posted online about Swanage Sea Rowing Club’s Regatta on Saturday June 3rd. I am going to post the stages I did the picture in and comment as needed.

I have read about dividing source and canvas into a grid, but still did my usual visual estimating. This first step was to get all boats and the ground at the top if the picture on.

For the wet sand I decided a base layer of light grey would dull the colour. At this point I could draw the remainder of the boats but instead I invested time in some additional details.

Now I needed to extend the Gigs (rowing boats) themselves.

Then I tested pens to decide the palette for each club’s boat (s).

The final stages were completed on the morning of day eleven. The posting of stages on Monday evening had led to an offer to buy the original piece as well.

Finally, fine pen and ink details of the inside of each boat then colouring the timber interiors.

A very satisfying final composition and a sale too.

AndyKnillArt News from PAW Day Eight

Saturday June 3rd

A day with many sections. The morning began waking before 6am. Some guests were doing a charity walk starting from Swanage so we were in town before 7 a.m. to drop them off. So a walk and a chance to take photographs in the bay with Pilot Gigs arriving for the Swanage Sea Rowing Club’s rowing regatta. As a club member a little disappointing as I would miss the racing, volunteering but I felt a part as I chatted to fellow rowers on duty. Some of the photographs would hopefully be suitable as drawing material.

So home for studio opening. Another day when lots of walkers came across the studio as they went out towards Houns Tout headland. 32 visitors in total, so my best day so far. I enjoy the chance to talk to people about my art and photography and share my beautiful studio location.

In between visits I also started a new canvas – Before SSRC Regatta 2017. It is based on one of my photos and showcases two of the Swanage wooden Cornish Pilot gigs and also a Stand Up paddleboarder passing. I started with a fineline pen and ink drawing. I used a laptop to zoom into my photo and was able to see how the vegetation for example on Ballard Down has changed. I posted an image of the piece and received favourable feedback from friends on social media. To be completed on Sunday 4th, if I can get the sea area right, quite daunting but this piece shows the progress my work is making.

After the studio closed we went back into Swanage, watched the end of the last gig race and took more photos possibly to use for future pieces.

At the end of today I had been visited by 170 visitors and now taken £200 in sales.