Andy Knill Art News Update 6th April

A fourth weekly newsletter / post. 

The craft fair was poorly attended but some cards were sold and I got to know the other crafters. One card was taken home and framed and evidence posted on Facebook. So next time 6th May, looking to help advertise and attract more visitors. This week has seen my “Verges” exhibition piece leave the planning stage and be produced. I am very pleased with the outcome and will hear by the end of the month if it will be included, if not I will use it for PAW instead.  I currently have three exhibition led pieces at three different framers to compare their work too.

I have done some more sketching before work by the river at Wareham and will use these as part of my bid to get some card designs into the Tourist Information Centre there after a chat with the departing manager Lida today. I have also spoken with the manager at The Scott Arms about submitting some design ideas, so next week’s output has a clear focus.
Today I have also been reading and creating a planner for the period to Mid June which will take me up to just after the PAW activities. Upcoming activities include a silk flag making on the 23rd to advertise my studio, there seems to be quite a lot or preparation to do. I helped unload the PAW17 brochures this week and now drive around distributing free brochures to friends, shops and so on.

Planning ahead includes allowing for stewarding duties at events, this is all part of the learning g curve in an event I hope to be involved with for many years going forward. Through my personal blogging  I have introduced a new crafter to the area to a range of personalities which was good to be able to do. I think a list of topics and matching photos to inspire practice pieces are needed so that my style develops gradually. This week’s big compliment from a gallery owner was “you can draw” which was good to hear.

So in summary;


Artcubes at L’Artishe, Swanage

New wall / Old wall will be returning from the framers to the exhibition this weekend in a better quality setting and still retailing at £100. This exhibition runs until 20th May.

Etches PAW Sketches exhibition

My piece is at the framers and this exhibition runs from 20th May to June 11th.

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