Andy Knill Art News Update 27th April

Weekly update time. A busier week with two PAW linked events. 
On Sunday I took part in the a.m. Session working on our silk flags to display at studios for most but not all participants. I had been told a simple design would work better with a flag that flapped rather than wa start like a banner. My concept the view from my gateway to the studio – on the day it was very simple compared to other designs. I hope to use some old kite spars to batten the flag so more of the design is revealed.

The second event was on Tuesday – the first sketching event of the year’s programme after the sketchbook use session I attended previously. The instructions pointed out that parking was limited and as the location Brenscombe Woods was on the north side of the Purbeck Ridge I decided to cycle there. In the end only three of us attended and the weather was cooler despite bright sunshine at times. The woods we worked in are worked by Toby Hoad who uses working horses as part of his woodland management work. We were based around Toby’s site in the woods where canvas shelters and wooden structures for various tools are found. He worked with the horses bringing felled trees along the track while we sketched.

By lunchtime all of us had cold hands with / without gloves so we all left earlier than originally planned. The woods were alive with a carpet of bluebells interspersed with wild garlic. I drew my first sketch before the others arrived and then did three others around the site using fineline marker and colour pencils. We all took photos that we might work from later. I did one sketch of one of the horses. This time I will share as the horse anatomy was better than when I tried sketching New Forest ponies.

My first was from under the canvas shelters. I am captured drawing in one of the photos. I then moved to take in the view of the charcoal burners and a fellow artist.

I moved on to the wood framed area seen in Roger’s photo above. Here ropes were used to help operate wood based treadles for a variety of tool positions. I liked the interplay of the cut wood, use of man made fastenings and the rope.

As we were able to see Toby and the horses work together and then they stopped for lunch.

After leaving the site I walked / rode my bike up onto the Purbeck ridge for my first time. I consciously decided not to photograph the panorama as I could not to do it justice. It is an area I must return to draw from in the future.

On Wednesday I attended my art group at The Art Workshop in Swanage led by Suzanne Dominy. We continued developing our work in acrylics. Some personal news had left me in a glum mood this morning and the only piece I kept was a brooding storm around Ballard Down at the north end of Swanage Bay. I will add to this next week when I will share my work. I am enjoying the use of acrylics and need to practice this back in my studio. The use of canvasses appeals too.

I must do some more studio preparation this week. My piece at L’Artishe has arrived back from the framers and in the next week I hope to collect framed pieces for the Etches and Verges exhibitions linked to PAW. I was also reminded today that I need to submit my form for Rollington Barn by the 15th – PAW suddenly seems much closer but I hope to take it as it comes. I have no idea really what to expect from it.

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