Andy Knill Art News Update 18th May

Well it’s the penultimate week before Purbeck Art Weeks. Suddenly there are things you realise you need and a seven page document of instructions as an Open Studio artist to go through again. Exhibition pieces to be handed in only at set times and forms and waivers to fill in. 

Yes, I am a beginner, it’s my first time and I am definitely learning new aspects of what being an artist involves labelling, artist biography, wrapping work… my self confidence has wavered and I find myself thinking back to my initial gusto in February and how I have stepped back somewhat to be realistic ad know this year is a learning process. If people like some of my work they may buy it. They may just visit and chat. I may have lots of quiet times – it is all about taking it a day at a time.

So where will I be and where can my work be seen over  the next month.

On Monday May 22 from11 – 3 pm I am stewarding at the Etches Collection Sketches exhibition. I have a piece on. Display from May 20th to June 11th.

 I will be taking some of my older work along including the urbansketches pieces that inspired me to draw the building rather than individual fossils.

Depending on the needs of visitors I will be working on pieces studying the features and situation of the museum.

On Friday May 26th for those attending the Private exhibition view at Rollington Barn for PAW I shall be on bar duty and looking to chat with a range of people.

From Saturday May 27th to Sunday June 11th I will be at my. Open Studio 22 between 10am and 4pm each day. Work on display will include photographic pieces., fine art prints, framed originals and canvases that I hope to add to during PAW festival. There will be an art competition for £1 entry to win one of my fine art prints. Your task will be to produce your own version of my silk flag design, which will be on show each day. I will. Have a range of work to show how my art has developed and will be happy to talk about that and / or my studio building.

Other work of mine will be on display at:

RSPB Arne Shop / Visitor Centre – Verges exhibition

Rollington  Barn – main PAW exhibition space. 

My recent Corfe Castle canvas, each of my four Swanage Collection fine prints and a range of card designs including pen and ink, art marker and photography cards.

Recent acrylic pieces – some will be in my studio and some at  Art Workshop, Swanage, Commercial Road.

My Swanage series of cards continue to be available for sale in Swanage Tourist Information Centre on Shore Road (Swanage Sea front).

My work was featured in the PAW Facebook posts. The images used were those I supplied initially and it makes me realise how much I have produced this year.

I will continue to post on the blog here, the Facebook page AndyKnillArt and now Twitter @AndyKnillArt as well. 

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