AndyKnillArt News from PAW 2017 Day Three

Monday 29th May

 It’s an English bank holiday and rather predictably, at least up in the Purbeck hills, it’s a wet one. Slightly drier at times. So wet weather to start meant that I knew that I would be able to get on with a lot more work. I only saw one walker pass in two hours in the morning.

So, clearer signage as my prices poster/notices did not seem to do their job clearly enough. Using some card stock I set about producing more individualised card price information. Also I reorganised the card rack so that handmade cards would sit at the bottom section with a clear break.

For example:

Also I had found that the QR codes on my compliments slip were adding confusion, so I cut them off and made a pouch to take details from and also a card that could be photo’ed showing my full online details and contact information. It may only be day three but marketing is a key aspect of the PAW open studio experience for me in my first year.

So I am now identifying my key information for a business card and that has to be the next step, allowing for being Studio-bound during most people’s business day.

There were 8 visitors including a family who run a luxury bed and breakfast in Wareham, they wondered if a second sign half way down the footpath would help flagging visitors to tell them how far to go. Caroline Snell, the mother, took a photo and said she would place a photo on her business Instagram account ( more on this in day four). A third hand drawn card was sold and I worked on expanding the range.


Created and awaiting customers

Generally I am going with local scenes as there is much to celebrate locally, but also conscious that if visitors can recognise the scene it may prove more popular.

So a busy day but fewer people, here’s hoping for a drier Tuesday. 

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