AndyKnillArt News from PAW 2017 Day Four

Tuesday 30th May

A brighter day, a slow start again but more walkers discovering us by accident. Being on the footpath attracts interest to my gate side notices and PAW brochure box but not always then coming up the drive, even when dogs welcome read. I have to stop myself from heckling and calling out to people.

So more hand drawn card creation and a decision to move some of my #pollock-like acrylic work and place the hand drawn card out on the display table so they can all be seen rather than having them at the bottom of the carousel.

New cards:

So a wider range available now. We were expecting a lunch visit from some old friends from Essex. Before they arrived the sun came out and we started to get more visitors, the day ends up totalling 21 visitors and 10 dogs so the welcome to our four legged friends is bringing more two legged visitors in. The stone floor of the studio is dog proof and only two photo canvases rest on the floor.

Our friends came but also Purbeck friends in Josh Hollingshead and Azita Heartly who both have work in Swanage at our favourite Java Coffee House in the burgeoning art centre of Commercial Street. Other PAW businesses include- Art workshop Swanage (run by Suzanne Dominy and an opportunity to try out different art techniques in groups where experimentation is the key aim,where I and Anne are learning Acrylics currently), Lucy’s Farm (new retail outlet for Lucy Tidbury and especially her Moo-selfie range), The Old Stables including Purbeck Footsteps with Julian Sawyer’s excellent local photography especially of wildlife. If I have missed anyone out please let me know.

We had a great lunch together and due to a lunchtime lack of visitors I ate indoors rather than the studio. In the afternoon more visitors came including an ex-colleague. Sales were lower but a good number of visitors. The lunch and afternoon with a number of friends was added to when my landlord arrived with some friends as well I hope that next time he can stay longer.

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