AndyKnillArt News from PAW Day 15

Saturday 10th June

The penultimate day. A dry start and calm when I visited Swanage early on,  back in Kingston the breeze became stronger and the sun went in. Twice today the gusts were enough to blow my silk flag from its pole, luckily it didn’t go far. A mixture of walkers and art visitors today, lots of great chats and I thank. My visitors for those throughout the two weeks.

Today purchases were cards and two of my sample promotional items – a key ring then later a fridge magnet. I had 18 visitors and 2 dogs, I sketched, designed a new logo for the Swanage Depression Support group that I attend and also played my cello for the first time in several years – it was mainly still in tune.

So an evening spent at the Swanage Fish Festival and tomorrow marks the end of my first PAW. I wil be doing 2018 from the same studio and will have a wider range of work and yptopics by then too. So I look forward to welcoming as many visitors as possible tomorrow. At 19 or more I could reach 250 visitors, a nominal revised target. At 34 dog visitors so far, I would love to greet more tomorrow.

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