AndyKnillArt News from PAW 2017 Day 16

Sunday 11th June

So a final day – drier, slightly less breezy and some sunshine. I opened up and almost immediately found myself redirecting people to the Coffee concert at Encombe House – my studio signs obviously work.

Friends from rowing visited included the buyer for my Swanage Regatta Fleet original – prints / cards will be available if there is the demand. My first larger original sale. A number of walkers came in and other artists including Chris Davenport and Carlotta Barrow. I sited. Chris’ husband was able to choose a free original card as visitor 250.

I then had a commission request for three Father’s Day cards from another PAW artist – no sharing until delivered. Subjects were a Heath beetle, a series one Land Rover and Concorde – so not without their own challenges.

The day finished with sunshine and then I went into the village to remove my yellow signs until next year and have since rehung the photo canvases around he house in their usual places.

This week I will do a tidy up conclusion piece – PAW has been a learning curve, a great chance to discuss my art, create many more new pieces and enjoy the feedback on the pieces that I have done and my style.

So in summary:

– new working studio

– 252 visitors

– 37 canine visitors

– over £400 taken in sales
Many thanks.

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