AndyKnillArt News 1st July 2017

Well PAW number one has passed, by the end of it I was elated but also weary after 16 consecutive days. I produced a range of art pieces including cards and original canvases. Sales and visitor numbers were far in excess of anything I would have hoped for prior to the Open Studio.

I took some time off initially but in the last week have started sketching again more frequently. I attended The Swanage School Summer Festival on the 24th June. The weather was not helpful but I got to speak about my art but sales were very disappointing. Today I was at the Rempstone Road Craft Fair I have done previously. This was a make a decision day – was it worth an £8 table fee and 6 hours of my time? In the end yes. I sold cards including some new original ones. 

Then a couple expressed interest in the original of the Shore Road beach Huts, a price was agreed. On seeing a sketch I had done of the south side of the bay they also commissioned a canvas 30×80 cm which I will start on as soon as my new canvas order arrives. I hastily rearranged my bookings for the next four craft fairs as this proved you just need one person to walk through the door…

I have also now received my new business cards which replace my previous slips of paper with contact details on. I started to use these today and will endeavour to carry them at all times. I have also ordered some clothing with AndyKnillArt on so that I can self publicise wherever I go and back it up with the business cards.

During PAW I ran a competition to win a free art print, few entries were received and the winner was chosen as M. Summerfield aged 9 whose design will grace my PAW 2018 silk flag design. I await a response on their choice of print.

3 thoughts on “AndyKnillArt News 1st July 2017

  1. Delighted PAW went well and that you are settling in to your new life with enthusiasm -and profit. Pleased too to see that the GA gave you an award of excellence for all your brilliant work in IT – we miss you.

    • Thank you Rachel. New life and location are developing well, especially considering the reason I had to leave teaching. The GA award is highly valued but don’t miss amount of time I spent on IT as much prefer photography and drawing. Making money but profit is still a long way off to repay my capital investment in equipment and materials.

  2. Brilliant stuff Andy, so good to hear your art is doing so well and you sounding so positive. There is life beyond the classroom which gives me hope.

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