Into week two…..

of Artisans on the Beach at Swanage. Like Purbeck Arts Weeks earlier this year I have had a chance to talk to people about my art, how I got started, where the commercial side began and how I am developing. I get the privilege of people spending their money on my work. I also have lots of time to be creative and I have produced a number of pieces in a variety of styles to add to my portfolio.

I have gone from wearing shorts and sandals with bare feet, to warmer feet in socks and trainers to multiple layers and a onesie in order to stay warm. Best of all is the great camaraderie, support and sharing amongst the artisan community. Whether it be watching each others’ pitches to allow for comfort breaks or helping to put up decorations as I have a height advantage or sharing the making of hot drinks and sharing food treats. And… the sense of humour – an essential on breezy days when the thaw sets in.

So here are some of the activities from the last 9 days (7 Open and two “rest”!?! days.

Arise #superpenguin, also known as hyper Andy. As you can see fun while dressed warmly and filling in gaps where there are no customers. Creating Swanage’s Shore Road Penguin crossing; “falling with style” training poses, general mayhem but warm, crucially warm even when the sun disappears behind and to the west of the Beach Huts between 1.30 and 2 p.m. when the temperature plummets.

#artcardbombing… not incendiary, but a chance to sketch a quick drawing and leave it in a property for someone else to have, a free original art piece. So far – Coffee One, Poole; L’Artishe Gallery, Swanage; Java Independent Coffee House, Swanage; Lucy’s Farm, Swanage. Watch out in the days, weeks, … to come this is a pattern I wish to take further afield.

Art Workshop, Swanage – Wednesday group.This Autumn term we have developed our use of printing techniques with mono printing, relief printing using drawing inks. The last two sessions have been based on linocutting. I was fortunate to receive a larger piece of Lino and I created the above plate based on Corfe Castle. I have tried different ways of inking the plate and have been interested in the prints produced. Some may be appearing in mounts in week two / three.

As items of stock sell so the display in #hut54 varies. I have coloured additional hand coloured cards which have proved popular especially the Landrover at Studland Beach. Drawn original pieces on both paper and canvas. I try to do a lot of this creative work out sat in one of the hut’s green deckchairs so passersby can see the creative process. This leads to many chats about technique, subject matter and media.

Here are a selection of some original pieces created and showing the Santa theme popular in my new Christmas cards. The sunset was the one I saw as I drove home on Friday December 1st. Clearly Swanage seafront provides lots of material and a range of conditions to draw from.

This canvas set shows the progressive steps as a canvas “View from my hut” evolved over three days and is now complete and awaits a buyer.

An 80 by 30 cm canvas provides a clear talking point. I have just started a second based on the Global fat bike day group who gathered on Saturday 2nd December. It is a challenge I set myself and I look forward to. Sharing it with the participants, by far the largest group of people I have ever attempted to draw.

Finally examples of pieces that have been purchased so far:

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