Half way of Artisans on the beach

Hi, well three weeks of trading has gone by. I have sold a range of pieces and worked on developing more original pieces and hand coloured cards. The view from the Huts has generally been fantastic although the temperatures at times have been low with fresh breezes. I am enjoying the fresh air and in fact earlier this week I had to take a trip away and missed the fresh air each day and that great view out from the bay.

So what have I learnt so far:

I love this event as an opportunity to exhibit examples of my work

I like having the opportunity to sell examples of my work

The community of Artisans are generally very supportive to each other and help out with tape, scissors, cups of tea, sense of humour and I love being one of them

Talking to visitors is fun as it was for me during Purbeck Art Weeks earlier in the year.

Use the free time as the mood takes you – I have produced a number of pieces of work

In fact I already know I want to do this event in 2018 and subsequent years.

So today I finished my most complex piece of art to date. On Saturday December 2nd there is a global event for fatbike riders, not fat cyclists,their bikes which have wide tyres 3 to 4″ wide. They are commonly used on snow and sand, more the latter in Purbeck. A group gathered on the banjo pier and Charlie from the Bikemonger shop in town took a photograph at the start to record the participants. I asked if he could send me the photo and I would try to do the picture. Now this offered a challenge – a group of people (I include people a bit more but generally not in my work), bicycles, the local landscape and an audience who might appreciate a visual record (I wait to see). I have worked on this since and had a few days off here and there as the focus required has been great. The picture is done on an 80 by 30 cm canvas. I drew sections initially in fineliner pen and then used Promarkers for colour including some layered colours and blending.

Today I completed the piece and had it photographed by some friends including Dave Furmage a local cyclist and mechanic. While working on it many members of the public have stopped and asked about the subject matter, my technique and the pens that I use. This has been one of the best ways to show how my work is created.

I am having Andy Farrer, local photographer and printer give me quotes and print some examples of print copies and I then intend to auction the Original and donate 50% of the takings between two charities that are important to me -Parkinson’s UK and St Mungos. I have to organise the best way to do this and get it started.

Judge the image for yourself:

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