#Art bombing

This is not a post about anything destructive and no one has been hurt in their involvement. Often in discussion with other artists and Artisans the topic of how do you let others know about your work comes up. I maintain this blog / site which I shall develop more in year 2 as an artist. I also run a Facebook page, I post pics on Instagram and Twitter. So I use social media a lot. I have taken part in a number of events locally within Purbeck where most of my art in the last year has been based.

I have seen previously activities such as yarn / knitting bombing where crafters leave knitted items attached around towns and villages. I have read of people leaving books for others to read. My version which I am sure others have done before is evolving.

My late father built up a stock of photo paper to make small prints of his photos. To avoid throwing this resource away I have reappropriated them to make art postcards. I have now left them in local cafes in Poole and Swanage. In fact in Java Independent Coffee House in Swanage I have a game at hiding the cards now so that the owner has to hunt for them. To his credit Ciaron who already displays a range of local artists including a piece of mine has kept and displayed the pieces.

Today I went out and went to sketch after finishing my lunch to find I had not brought the postcards. So I improvised and used a napkin. I did a piece and left it on display with the menu cards in the National Trust cafe on Knoll Beach, Studland, Purbeck.

After taking the above picture I wrote on it Free to finder.

Anyway Anne and I went for a walk and paddle on the beach. We returned later for a hot drink. We saw that a lady had taken the napkin and watched her leave with it. Later this evening I received an email via the contact form on this site. This was fantastic as it showed how we can share art in many ways.

After the hot drink I left a second napkin in a different position.

I was very pleased with the standard of both pieces that I drew. I got to practice my art and other people hopefully could get a nice surprise and a free piece of art too.

So thank you S (anonymised contact details) for the feedback. I want to continue this idea and will report back on examples and how it goes.

Has anyone else tried this idea?

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