PAW18 – day three

Well in 2017 my biggest sale was on day two when I sold a print of the beach huts. My realistic non pressured sales target for 2018 as a whole is to “sell some art”. So selling two prints sounds like a reasonable aspiration for 2018.

Yesterday I sold an original, admittedly to my brother in law but no nepotism involved and it joins a print of Hungry Hare which he was gifted by my sister last christmas. So this morning I was on a high already.

Again a May bank holiday that was proving to be hot. my aim to stay in the shade more. I started the day developing an A3 piece of the wildflower area in front of the studio, no rush I will work on this gradually and share it when done.

Some visitors arrived and cards were bought and compliments made about my work. Then a friend came up with some small wooden boxes he has been developing and I said he could see how they sold, well while we were talking a couple arrived and bought one there and then. They also bought my second original sale! This time of the sunset over Houns Tout and Swyre Head that I had photographed and drawn last December on the way back from a shift for Artisans on the beach.

Then it was time for my mother in law to come to visit the studio, she recently bought the original of the studio in the March snow.

She then proceeded to buy the second of the wooden boxes for my wife – this craft sales idea is going well. This afternoon Dave Furmage mobile cycle mechanic and mate dropped by with some of his craft that I had also sold during Artisans on the Beach made from recycled bike parts.

So totals so far:

58 visitors

2 original pieces sold

26 cards sold

Let’s see what the week brings …

Thanks for reading


P.s. I have added a picture of me working to the About page and made the point on the Store page that this is not an aspect I am currently not finding time to set up, so if you see anything in this blog or on the Facebook AndyKnillArt page or my instagram andy.knill account that you like e-mail me as I can always invoice you for BACs or online card payments.

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