PAW18 – day four

Another poor weather forecast that didn’t all materialise. Rain this morning but time for local wildlife indoors and out.

First improvement for me -a better night’s sleep. Woke and watched three brown hares playing chase in and through the garden jumping over the wall into the woods and then reappearing. I have heard from visitors in the last few days how some of them have never seen a hare except in pictures which just reinforces how lucky we are.

We put out food for the birds at home and we have gained a regular crowd of pheasants and partridges from the estate. Now we even get pheasants tapping on the window for their breakfast and as this picture shows eating while we put out the food and water.

The butterfly flew into the house as I brought the bird food back inside before opening up. Outside the studio we have a wildflower area which is entirely natural, we just enjoy it. I did a bit more work on my large drawing of this area. Currently we have Campion and Buttercups.

The other natural star of today was a homing / Racing pigeon which settled in the garden for a while. While looking distinctly different from the feral and wood pigeons it settled on the drive. When we tried to check its rings it kept flying back o to the roof but seems to have gone this evening.

So, you thought PAW was just about art… but as artists of course we are always looking at our surroundings. 8 visitors today including repeat visitors from PAW17. Most had come especially to see my work . Cards sold and lots of discussion of my work and how it has developed.

When it got quiet this afternoon I took the opportunity to get my rowing machine out in the fresh air and did some exercise too.

So tomorrow we will wait again and see what visitors come… as my last visitors said today I am clearly having lots of fun doing my art and PAW offers me a chance to share that with my visitors.

Most visitors are taking away my free postcards so that they might find the Purbeck Artisan Yard too.

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