PAW18 – day eight

Today was one of those days where PAW prevents me doing something else I love, although of course I could timetable days off. It was the day of Swanage Sea Rowing Club’s annual regatta. I went down to Swanage early from a misty garden, the sun was bright and the day looked promising for rowing.

I visited Java independent coffee house – our personal favourite and took time to have a cappuccino and a chat. Ciaron the proprietor displays art including a piece of mine. Then it was back to the seafront and taking photos of the gigs as they were placed on the beach.

By 9.30 it was time to drive home and open the studio. My first task today – to draw some rowing based pictures. I did two based on the gigs pre regatta. I sold one at the end of the regatta to a friend who rows and likes my artwork.

I had a number of visitors and some dogs too. Not much in the way of sales. The weather varied from sunny to misty several times.

At the end of the afternoon I went down in time to see the prizes being awarded and stayed to help with the clearing up after the regatta.

Tomorrow a few friends have said they will / might visit, I hope there will be less mist but time will tell. Today marked the halfway point for PAW. I have exceeded the amount I earnt last year already, I really wasn’t sure that this would happen. 140 visitors have been but the number of dogs visiting is much lower presently.

Thanks for reading.


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