PAW18 – day nine

It’s Sunday the second half of PAW begins here. The schools will go back tomorrow and the visitors will continue…I hope. Today started with a drive into Corfe to get a paper and then home and a spot of grass cutting.

I opened the studio slightly early as the grass was proving a bit too wet yet to cut as it has also grown so much this last week with sun and rain. Very quiet and visitors did t start coming in until close to lunchtime. A day more for viewing and chatting which is fine by me. Some family news online had unsettled me and I started the day unsure of how I was feeling – visitors definitely helped to distract me.

For my Carpe Diem inspiration I decided to get Cedric my cello out. He rarely gets played in fact PAW 17 May have been the last time, so familiar questions like is he in tune, can my hands cope with playing with no practice,can I get enough tension in the bow to use it …Well I managed to play both pizzicato (plucking strings) and arco (bowed strings). I could still read the music, I admit the tenor and treble cliff transposition was a bit too much for my brain. Whether the music attracted visitors or drive them away I am uncertain but I enjoyed myself.

Some friends visited and Josh even drew my portrait as I played although several people have suggested I was wearing slippers from it.

Sat in the shade most of the day, friends used the rowing machine but I didn’t. Pollen has made me very sneezy. I did get a sailing commission from an old friend today and others talked to me about this too -and I couldn’t concentrate on racing as my eyes were not upto the detailed work.

A good day.

No the portrait has been posted on fb, no more slipper comments for me.

Thanks for reading.


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