PAW18 – day fourteen

The sun came out, it was dry and plans for paperwork disappeared very quickly. I started my studio day slightly early and tidied up my workspace. Then I decided to add some hand -coloured cards as the others had all sold.

When I first ordered cards last year I produced several pen and ink in black and white designs. I have been challenged about colour versions and have blogged about producing hand-coloured versions before. I continue to keep a photographic record so in essence each one is an original piece of work.

These are the ones I produced this morning. I enjoy the adding colour but also the ideas behind them.

The first is my Cromer groyne picture and a colourful sunrise.

The second is another card in the growing collection of endangered animals – this time the giraffe.

The third is Durdle Door, people have praised the simplicity of this design and I thought a link to risk and outdoor pursuits fitted.

A stormier feel was called for with Stair Hole at Lulworth.

Finally and also from Lulworth Man O’War bay and the presence of drones -now supposedly banned.

The remainder of the day included showing visitors around the studio, some refreshments and plenty of chat.

In the two days left, 26 visitors will equal the numbers from last year. I hope that we have dry and sunny weather and that I can chat to more visitors.

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