Developing my yard bay

In March I moved into bay H at the Purbeck Artisan Yard, I knew that the “dressing” of my bay needs to develop overtime. Post Purbeck Art Weeks gave an opportunity to do this.

On Monday I took a large portfolio of prints and a few originals to the yard ready to rearrange things. On route in Wareham South Street I spotted a wicker picnic basket for sale for £12 and decided it would make a great alternative browser for prints. So I now have a wicker picnic basket, a vintage suitcase, an old coffee table, a table and a small table made from pallet wood in the bay plus an easel. Each of these can be used to display items. I have the whole of the bay for my art so there is plenty of space to spread work out and leave plenty of viewing space.

Anne used to work in a gift shop and enjoyed developing displays and it is to my advantage because I am not so confident on the best way to display work. In my Open Studio I was very pleased with the hanging systems I had made but knew that the overall effect was too crowded on the walls – something to do consider carefully next year when I will have even more work output to select from.

We took quite a bit of time to rearrange the bay trying a number of placings of the furniture to display work to good advantage and allow access. Also the crucial matter of labelling work so that visitors know what the work is and in case they buy it so that the artisan on duty knows which bay it is from and how much it is for.

I removed a shelf from the end wall and used this for the picnic basket browser. It is a good size for showing 16″ by 12″ pieces and allows me to show 20″ by 16″ portrait style pieces too. I hope this will encourage more browsing and hopefully sales too.

Cards from my range are placed on ledges and the Swanage Collection of pieces are grouped together. The easel has been used to display my new Yachting “Racing” canvas.

I have made better use of the window wall to display photographic pieces. The suitcase shows a selection of my more recent cards.The small pallet table (made by Eddie Burrows bay A) displays some of my smaller framed pieces.

The side of the bay shows smaller canvas pieces, hand-coloured and original art cards and the coffee table includes some original pieces and postcards of my piece from the yard looking south towards St Mary’s Church.

It will be interesting to see if the new layout generates more footfall and feedback / sales as we move into the summer.

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