Art weeks, work to sell, … yesterday I just sketched for the sake of sketching. I also took some photos that I might draw from at a later date. My current main sketchbook started back in November 2017. By now I would expect to have finished at least two sketchbooks based on previous output. These days however, I draw straight onto final piece paper, I leave free art postcards and serviettes lying around, hence a slower sketchbook to fill. It still contains 95 sketches so not bad really if looked at what other output there has been as well.

I used to #urbansketch with groups in London and Cambridge and enjoyed the companionship. I am however quite happy to just sit and draw. Yesterday I was down at Poole Quay. The choice of vistas is vast. I chose to draw from an eatery – Deli on the Quay.

Here are my two pieces, nothing extraordinary, just drawings showing the marina in front of me and Brownsea island in the distance. The boats vary in size as you will see.

Hope you enjoy them.


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