What colour is the sea?

No, it’s not a trick question. In the last 17 months I have drawn many pictures that include the sea around Purbeck. In most of them I have used a variety of colours.

There are many factors to consider as I have realised as my art skills have developed. As I am self taught I learn through observation and practice, a previous sketch of the south side of Swanage Bay life looked great in my sketchbook in pen and coloured pencils. However, when commissioned to reproduce it on a larger scale and on canvas with Promarkers I lost the original feel of the water in the bay as it dominated the picture and was too much.

I know from my own love of coasts and countless walks or just sitting watching the water that the sea can look many colours. I am keen on watersports and have experienced paddling or rowing in different areas where the water appears very different indeed.

Here are some examples of AndyKnillArt pieces, with each I have mentioned factors I had to consider:

In black and white ink pieces I have to used shading or lines to convey the mood and movement of the water.

In this early pice one shade of blue is used and the water is broken up but the inclusion of the buoys.

June 2017 showed a variety of shades linked to cloud cover, movement of water and its depth.

As you can see as my work has developed so I have depicted the sea in many ways. This was brought home to me while kayaking in Swanage Bay yesterday and noticing the differences in colour across the bay and from north to south close to shore.

So what colour would you say?

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