Day Ten – Friday 14th December

So a forecast of less wind from se and temperature of 4 to 5C. In actual fact the wind dropped during the day, we were treated to several glimpses of blue sky and I was able to draw outside so better than expected and more afternoon customers as well with a number of card sales. Last Saturday I wore my “paper” hand drawn suit which has been hanging in the hut as an example of my art since. On Tuesday I had visited a workwear store called Acutts in Weymouth where I bought a white poly cotton boiler suit. Today I would start to draw on it if conditions allowed.

First the design elements of the trial suit. Each leg ended with a beach scene, one was a night scene with Santa over the beach, the second a day scene showing Swanage pier.

Each scene was hand drawn using fineliner pen initially then coloured using Promarkers. To avoid overloading the fabric or transfer to the other side of the leg watercolour paper or Bristol board sheet was laid under the surface being worked on.

The front of the chest became my classic beach hut scene and the name of Andy Knill Art.

While at the beach I added the Facebook and Instagram emblems on each sleeve with my relevant address. Then I decided I needed an element of the Purbeck coastline. Again drawn first in fineliner then coloured in stages using the Promarkers. This was drawn from memory and my brain without reference pictures, the outcome far exceeded my expectations or hopes.

The panel runs from the right hand side of the body and goes around the body.

Finally the upper back shows the logo designed for Artisans on the Beach last year and the dates I have been involved.

So today I started the work on the more substantial suit, would the pen take, how much would it bleed in the material? I started with he back panel with the same idea. Colours were bolder. Then with the dates I have recorded my outcome / role and then added some holly. It all worked well and I used a plastic covered canvas as my drawing surface. As in 2017 when I drew outside this led to conversations with visitors and sharing the work on the temporary suit on show in the hut.

I will post developments as the boiler suit has more added and will also wear it on future days too.

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