T’was the day before PAW

Yes, I slept well and got up later today. So what kept me busy today? At the start of the morning about 08.30 the pictures were on the floor of the studio. I put a sign out to say visitors were welcome but I was still preparing the studio. I also put out my original craft show table banner between two trees so people passing should be clear who I am.

Into the studio which today as organising, framing, hanging… pieces of work. The wooden crates I was given by fellow artist Lisa Shockley yesterday look fab and have proved useful. The studio looks less cluttered than last year but there is still a lot in there. The sections roughly are on entry and clockwise around the room –

– card carousel

– Encombe, Kingston and countryside in pen and ink and colour pieces

– along the coast and then Swanage with some other places included I.e. new piece of Weymouth

– boating and boats of Swanage

– table will have pens and working on

– Santa over Purbeck as a link to Flight of fancy theme

– Redbubble Print on Demand pieces will feature.

Also in the garage end of the outbuilding will be:

– AndyKnillArt advertising materials inc. outfits

– Drystone wall pieces

– Make me an offer section.

During the day I had nine visitors, most from outside Purbeck, my first dog visitor and two sales of framed prints.

At 4.15 I packed up, got ready for and went to the Private View evening in my art bib and brace outfit. Duties on the soft drinks bar and car parking later. Eating and chatting in between.

Put up my last sign on the way home at the A351 and B3069 junction at the eastern end of Corfe Castle. Then feet up and relax a while.

Tomorrow it all starts for real with jobs in between visitors and just enjoy it.

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