It’s Thursday, we start Saturday …

So restless night and couldn’t get back to sleep so got up to do a distraction activity, two hours later, seven mounts trimmed and seven prints framed. What a positive start to the day.

Then it as breakfast and a new job, important with visitors coming…cut the grass. I did 3/4 this morning.

So the front of the house looks better now. Breakfast, shower etc and then collect framing gear and off to Rollington Barn – the Art Weeks hq – reframe my original piece, helped out sorting labels and enjoyed a cuppa.

Mine is piece in wooden frame.

I got home and decided to ring two nearest The Range stores to see what frames they had in stock, this then became a trip out to a Dorchester, Bournemouth store didn’t answer on any of my three attempts. On route now about 12ish we realised we were hungry so nearest place with parking – McDonalds, a rare thing these days but managed to choose salad instead of chips.

Diet not completely shot to bits.

Then back through a range of country roads and what we call “tree tunnels” in our family, so tree therapy, I was not driving now as energy as lacking.

Home and time for some water and a large mug of tea, after which I was due to have a nap. A new surge of energy and I stayed up, prepped signs for village and started putting signs on track outside our drive. Two locals passing on a walk asked if they could see studio, I explained it was in development but they came in and we talked about the art and also local wildlife we both enjoy. Then a fellow artist who had offered me some wooden crates agreed to drop them in. We sat and talked art over more tea and watched the wildlife including the squirrel.

A bit more sign preparation then dinner followed by a walk into the village putting my signs up, then voting and a walk back through an off-road route back to ours.

Rest? No the last 1/4 of the grass was now dry so I completed that in about 30 mins. Now I am resting having slowed down, but what a constructive day.

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