Judging – a privilege to be asked

This afternoon I took part in what turned out to be a small exercise, the joint judging entries for the Purbeck Art Weeks 2019 sketching competition. There were entries from both adults and children.

A remit had been to represent the PAW event. One adult design took in a number of activities within the event including the refreshments served in several venues as well as the arts and music. Another adult travelled to many of the venues where he sat and sketched quick pieces, before moving on to the next. I am aware of this as he visited my studio amongst others.

Corfe Castle was a firm favourite among several of the children’s entries.

My fellow judge was Fran Quinlan and we were assisted by Ali Burnett who is the administrator for PAW. The range of prizes from Daler were very encouraging and I hope that the prize winners enjoy using their new art materials. Also all 200 sketchbooks with instrument set sold out during PAW as well.

In the title I refer to this as a privilege as I see myself as being in my third year as an artist, therefor being asked on the basis of my own drawing was an honour. Thanks PAW.

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