AndyKnillArt News Update July 28th

Hi, I have gone quiet in the last three weeks due to work on some commissions which ultimately did not work out, a period of introspection and a gap in events to sell at. I will be quietly developing work in the background. I am next displaying work and offering work for sale at the Craft fair, St Edwards RC church hall, Rempstone Road, Swanage on Saturday August 12th from 10 onwards.

I am framing some of my fine art print pieces, developing some new original pieces and looking at my card range. The aim is to offer a range of pieces from £2 for my Art2Card printed card stock, through hand coloured versions of some of my pen and ink mono cards to the hand drawn original cards – these are each unique and will not be reproduced as a print set in this form.

Prints will include my current fine art giclee prints at £25 to framed examples at £35. 

Original pieces of art will range from the cards, miniature canvases with their own wooden easels, A4 pieces on watercolour paper to my larger pieces – canvas and framed. I hope by then to also have some panoramic pieces developed from recent sketches I have been doing. Prices range up to £150 presently.

Alongside these I am working on allowing online shopping directly through this blog and my page. This is in a state of development and links to my Square card reader which I have at all events enabling me to take contactless or card payments for works.

I also now have my banner for the table front, business cards and clothing that I will wear, that show how to contact me. Marketing myself is still a fresh concept for which I am doing research in the background. Feedback that is constructive is welcomed especially where it links at good examples to study. I rushed into going public with my art this year so that I could enter Purbeck Art Weeks – that paid off and so I am now developing  ideas a bit slower and working towards Purbeck Art Weeks 2018 and my developed open studio.

I mentioned commissions above – recent experience has shown me how fragile at times my mental health still is ( see personal blog about this if interested at Therefore I am goi g to focus on producing my own work, if people like and buy this that is good. Commissions are a step of uncertainty too far at this time,  although I thank K & M and C & P for their trust shown in me.

In conclusion this month I celebrate my sixth month since AndyKnillArt emerged and I am very pleased with my development as an artist, my improved techniques and acumen re. developing a new business and career, while also still enjoying my arts recuperative effects.

An early morning walk this week on Swyre Head led to posts on Facebook and Twitter which says it all as mentioned in the last paragraph above.

AndyKnillArt News 1st July 2017

Well PAW number one has passed, by the end of it I was elated but also weary after 16 consecutive days. I produced a range of art pieces including cards and original canvases. Sales and visitor numbers were far in excess of anything I would have hoped for prior to the Open Studio.

I took some time off initially but in the last week have started sketching again more frequently. I attended The Swanage School Summer Festival on the 24th June. The weather was not helpful but I got to speak about my art but sales were very disappointing. Today I was at the Rempstone Road Craft Fair I have done previously. This was a make a decision day – was it worth an £8 table fee and 6 hours of my time? In the end yes. I sold cards including some new original ones. 

Then a couple expressed interest in the original of the Shore Road beach Huts, a price was agreed. On seeing a sketch I had done of the south side of the bay they also commissioned a canvas 30×80 cm which I will start on as soon as my new canvas order arrives. I hastily rearranged my bookings for the next four craft fairs as this proved you just need one person to walk through the door…

I have also now received my new business cards which replace my previous slips of paper with contact details on. I started to use these today and will endeavour to carry them at all times. I have also ordered some clothing with AndyKnillArt on so that I can self publicise wherever I go and back it up with the business cards.

During PAW I ran a competition to win a free art print, few entries were received and the winner was chosen as M. Summerfield aged 9 whose design will grace my PAW 2018 silk flag design. I await a response on their choice of print.

AndyKnillArt News from PAW 2017 Day 13

Thursday 8th June

Well a dry but breezy start so more grass cutting before opening up. Today I had 13 visitors, many walkers caught out by the conditions on the way out to the Tout. Wet and breezy. The weather did dry up for a period. The studio was so cool I even went back into the house to change, shorts and sandals were exchanged for warm trousers, welly socks, Wellington boots and another sweatshirt. It was a delight to talk with visitors again and emphasised the thing that has made PAW so special discussing my art, photography, reason for leaving my first career, mental health and art, and my medium of choice – Promarkers, there was definitely some pen envy today.

I spent time today on updating my accounts, editing and deleting photos as required. I also produced three new original cards and sold the one of St James’ church in Kingston village. I also welcomed Sue McLean and we both worked and chatted.

This evening the family went into the village to vote. Only three days of PAW to go and then collecting works from Etches and Rollington. My studio, well the photo canvases will return indoors, and I will discuss ideas on how to improve the studio so it is comfortable to work in. The door will not remain open everyday and this will help.

If you are able to and haven’t visited so far I will welcome you for a visit on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Been before? Revisits welcomed.

AndyKnillArt News from PAW day 10/11

Monday 5th June / Tuesday 6th June

Monday had a few visitors and some card and a framed photo purchase. The main output was the start of a new rowing piece using a range of photos posted online about Swanage Sea Rowing Club’s Regatta on Saturday June 3rd. I am going to post the stages I did the picture in and comment as needed.

I have read about dividing source and canvas into a grid, but still did my usual visual estimating. This first step was to get all boats and the ground at the top if the picture on.

For the wet sand I decided a base layer of light grey would dull the colour. At this point I could draw the remainder of the boats but instead I invested time in some additional details.

Now I needed to extend the Gigs (rowing boats) themselves.

Then I tested pens to decide the palette for each club’s boat (s).

The final stages were completed on the morning of day eleven. The posting of stages on Monday evening had led to an offer to buy the original piece as well.

Finally, fine pen and ink details of the inside of each boat then colouring the timber interiors.

A very satisfying final composition and a sale too.

Andy Knill Art News Update 25th May

Well, the key fact is that on Saturday Purbeck Art Weeks start and I shall be in Open Studio 22 for the 16 days from 10am to 4 pm each day. I will try to take photos and post a record of my first experience of hosting an Open Studio, having an art studio, having a range of cards, fine art prints, photography prints, originals in mounts and on canvas all available for visitors to view as well as my previous work.

My other pieces of work are at:

Rollington Barn – Corfe Castle original, four Swanage Collection fine art prints and six card designs including the Swanage Collection, Parkers Piece and Hungry Hare

RSPB Arne – Dorset Verges original

Etches Collection, Kimmeridge – Etches Museum

Art Workshop, Swanage – some acrylic work

Swanage Tourist Information Centre – Four Swanage card designs

Maybe I will meet some readers of this blog apart from my family.

Andy Knill Art News Update 6th April

A fourth weekly newsletter / post. 

The craft fair was poorly attended but some cards were sold and I got to know the other crafters. One card was taken home and framed and evidence posted on Facebook. So next time 6th May, looking to help advertise and attract more visitors. This week has seen my “Verges” exhibition piece leave the planning stage and be produced. I am very pleased with the outcome and will hear by the end of the month if it will be included, if not I will use it for PAW instead.  I currently have three exhibition led pieces at three different framers to compare their work too.

I have done some more sketching before work by the river at Wareham and will use these as part of my bid to get some card designs into the Tourist Information Centre there after a chat with the departing manager Lida today. I have also spoken with the manager at The Scott Arms about submitting some design ideas, so next week’s output has a clear focus.
Today I have also been reading and creating a planner for the period to Mid June which will take me up to just after the PAW activities. Upcoming activities include a silk flag making on the 23rd to advertise my studio, there seems to be quite a lot or preparation to do. I helped unload the PAW17 brochures this week and now drive around distributing free brochures to friends, shops and so on.

Planning ahead includes allowing for stewarding duties at events, this is all part of the learning g curve in an event I hope to be involved with for many years going forward. Through my personal blogging  I have introduced a new crafter to the area to a range of personalities which was good to be able to do. I think a list of topics and matching photos to inspire practice pieces are needed so that my style develops gradually. This week’s big compliment from a gallery owner was “you can draw” which was good to hear.

So in summary;


Artcubes at L’Artishe, Swanage

New wall / Old wall will be returning from the framers to the exhibition this weekend in a better quality setting and still retailing at £100. This exhibition runs until 20th May.

Etches PAW Sketches exhibition

My piece is at the framers and this exhibition runs from 20th May to June 11th.

Andy Knill Art News Update 20th April 

Little to report this week as was very busy over Easter weekend with othe part time job. However today have been doing silk flag preparation for PAW workshop on Sunday 23rd, another learning curve. 

Yesterday had a mental health dip (see personal blog about this aspect of my life- Recovered by doing a variety of things including five sketches locally, three from sitting on sea wall / beach on the front at Swanage. Pleasant trip to what is becoming the Art Quarter in Swanage around Commercial Road – Swanage Art Workshop, The Old Stables, Lucy’s Farm and Java which exhibits many people’s work especially Josh Hollingshead.

This morning I have also been scribbling down my latest list of ideas for future themes, collections, projects.

Silk flag design shows the  building my Open Studio will be in for PAW (no. 22) from May 27th to June 11th. I hope to see readers of this blog during the fortnight.

AndyKnillArt News update 06 April

Last night started post but image upload crashed and deleted, so a day late again.

So art is keeping me busy. This week I have started and completed the “Verges” piece I have been planning in my head and on paper. I have submitted the image for exhibition consideration but am having framed to sell myself if the exhibition does not come off. A mixture of fineliner and promarkers using my more extensive colour range. I believe my best piece so far.

I gifted a print of my “New Wall Old Wall” piece in the ArtCubes exhibition in L’Artishe, Swanage to Laurence my local waller as a record of his work, my lesson in drystone walling. The wall is now complete and can be seen at the entrance to the Houns Tout walkers car park in the woods just after Kingston village. I will be doing more sketching using this wall for inspiration.

This morning on a local Facebook sales group I found a studio easel, preloaded for sale for £15 and immediately contacted to buy it. I will now have the ability to investigate the use of canvases more. At the same time I ordered two (should have done one) photo canvases based on a google image compilation of my images into a panorama – they have arrived and the image is not as clear as I thought, but on the bright side even if I recycle both for art the canvases were at a price point well below what I might pay for art canvases the same size 120 x 30 cms.

Getting out and about again with the camera snapping mages to possibly print or use for art inspiration. Had some contact via my personal blog this week from a crafter new to the area, we met her over coffee locally and were able to make some introductions and names of people to try re. Crafting and mandalas, it was great to share my growing knowledge of local artists.

Exhibition pieces now done, my focus starts to develop a wider range of work for my Open Studio in Purbeck Arts Week. I hope to exhibit:

 – photo canvases I have had made previously, 

 – fine art prints from my range in my browser

 – some framed pieces in addition to pieces in exhibitions

 – photo prints including Hungry hare and Flying gull

 – a carousel of my cards

 – some newer acrylic pieces from my Wednesday class at Art Workshop, Swanage and some that I want to do from home.

Re reading this I still find it amazing to see how much I have done since the start of the year which is essentially when this all started. I have approached two more local businesses about submitting some card design proposals so they will be part of exhibited work whether they create new business or not.

Please contact me through comments on here or or +447886479715 if interested in purchasing any of my work, commissioning a piece or to ask questions. The coverage of posts on the Facebook page grows and some posts are now reaching over 500 people through the sharing of posts, thank you all.

I am now a “commercial artist” or I sold some art

Today I took one piece into a local gallery for an exhibition they are running, for £10 entry fee I get to have a piece displayed for up to ten weeks. So a good investment and a chance to get my work seen. Then I went to see the local Tourist Information Office who I thought would be the best place to get my “Beach huts, Swanage” card sold – not something they have done before really. The card was taken to see the boss, who said Yes. Only (!) one hundred cards initial order, I was gobsmacked and so happy. Also they would like about another five designs around the town in the same style. An email and return visit to the office later to confirm that they would also like 10-15 A4 canvases of each print.

So, a busy week ahead and it has sparked other creative ideas that I shall report on if they come off. 

I also visited two galleries, one I need to email some examples to for consideration. The second liked the pictures but tend to stock items with colour, so some discussion and ideas to goaway and work with and return to in the future. I now feel I can’t argue against calling myself an artist.

Gathering materials and ideas

Well this week has seen the purchase of a second hand DSLR body from my son’s chiropodist, amazing how you learn about equipment. I bought a zoom covering most of my needs to allow one lens to do it all at least to start. So I have been photographing aspects of the garden and the visiting bird life and wildlife. Yesterday this included deer and a variety of garden birds and pheasant varieties. The photos will either be used themselves for cards or prints.Alternatively as resource material to allow more detailed wildlife studies.

A tripod has been set up today to see how it helps.

Not to photograph the garden duck ornament in the foreground as observed by one old friend!