AndyKnillArt News 1st July 2017

Well PAW number one has passed, by the end of it I was elated but also weary after 16 consecutive days. I produced a range of art pieces including cards and original canvases. Sales and visitor numbers were far in excess of anything I would have hoped for prior to the Open Studio.

I took some time off initially but in the last week have started sketching again more frequently. I attended The Swanage School Summer Festival on the 24th June. The weather was not helpful but I got to speak about my art but sales were very disappointing. Today I was at the Rempstone Road Craft Fair I have done previously. This was a make a decision day – was it worth an £8 table fee and 6 hours of my time? In the end yes. I sold cards including some new original ones. 

Then a couple expressed interest in the original of the Shore Road beach Huts, a price was agreed. On seeing a sketch I had done of the south side of the bay they also commissioned a canvas 30×80 cm which I will start on as soon as my new canvas order arrives. I hastily rearranged my bookings for the next four craft fairs as this proved you just need one person to walk through the door…

I have also now received my new business cards which replace my previous slips of paper with contact details on. I started to use these today and will endeavour to carry them at all times. I have also ordered some clothing with AndyKnillArt on so that I can self publicise wherever I go and back it up with the business cards.

During PAW I ran a competition to win a free art print, few entries were received and the winner was chosen as M. Summerfield aged 9 whose design will grace my PAW 2018 silk flag design. I await a response on their choice of print.

AndyKnillArt News from PAW 2017 day two

Sunday 28th May

Mixed weather again but got brighter, even sunny in the afternoon. A good day where early on it was quiet and I got on with mounting two pictures – my drawing from my stewarding at the Etches Collection Sketches exhibition last week and my piece at home of the Foxglove. The Foxglove itself had been felled by the weather overnight and was no longer available to be admired.  Mounting was basic in a modelling knife, back of sketching board to cut on and the use of my grandfather’s old ruler and a metal spirit level as a cutting edge.

I also started a new line – hand drawn from my own photos – original one off cards. I produced two this afternoon and both sold immediately, this is an idea I shall continue with.

In total 30 visitors and four dogs visited. I sold my second print, also a semi international sale as the gentlemen is Belgian but lives part of the year in Dorset. He also bought three cards of the same print – Beach Huts. By the end of the day I had sold 31 cards and enjoyed talking to a range of people who had heard of me from mutual friends, seen my work in Swanage TIC, seen my posts on Facebook. There were also the walkers passing by and some family friends who came especially too. Around one o’clock we had rain preceded by a most unusual cloud formation spotted by visitors as they left, which led to cameras being grabbed to record the phenomena which was subsumed into the cloud soon after.

Online discussions with friends about the day included an enquiry from a friend in Ireland about the Reculver Towers pen and ink piece. My first print buyers in Qatar also showed an interest in my Corfe Castle canvas on display at Rollington Barn. If it is still available in September when they will have more disposable mo eye it may be on its way or an alternative.

It was a reassuring day that people really liked my work both art and photographic, especially the Pinnacles from Old Harry Rocks canvas. The new original card series will continue as it offers a chance to see how different local scenes are received.

After closing we got to spend some time at local hostelry The Scott Arms as part of their launch event for the Wilkswood Reggae Festival in Purbeck in July 2017. This was the second musical follow up as on Saturday night we had gone to a concert by The Foghorn String Band from Portland, Washington state / Quebec – a mix of American Roots and Cajun music which was great to experience.

My cash box also allowed me to pay off my storage piece of furniture the family account had bought from IKEA. I am enthused and know the weather factor is going to have to be taken into xo sideration as day three’s for sat is not good and there are two large village fetes on the bank holiday Monday as well.

I lhope be how the different PAW artists are encouraging each other online throughout the event too. I feel accepted within another group of Purbeck people.

AndyKnillArt News from PAW 2017 – Day One

Saturday 27th May.

I had attended the Private View at Rollington on Friday evening and did my two hours stewarding stint as Soft Drinks barman. I then got to have a look around most of the exhibition and bought Anne a print that she liked by Linda Wallis. A very sunny evening.

So, Saturday morning dawned, I looked out – Mist or low cloud? Here on the edge of Kingston and Houns Tout we often find ourselves in low cloud while Swanage below is clear. I messaged friends to find out if their conditions were better – clear but cloudy was the reply.  Well day one, how would my PAW experience start?

It was misty and wet but during the day as the sky cleared I had 17 visitors, I was pleased with this considering our location and several came across us purely by accident as they set out for walks. I sold 8 cards which doesn’t sound much but beat my previous experiences at craft events. So a good start. I have also added that dogs are welcome to bring in more of the regular dog walkers using the footpath. Some people arrived by car which was not the intention but I will need to monitor this on a daily basis.

In gaps between visitors I produced three new pieces of work:

This solitary Foxglove has grown in the garden. I worked from the photo as it was too cold and damp to draw outside.

I experimented with some new ways to show leaves where there is a tangle of wild plants. I am pleased with the result.

A view towards Houns Tout on its western side as it leads down to Chapmans Pool. I still need to develop strategies for colour where there are a variety of tree species – the joy of ongoing learning.

A view from a photo taken by my brother-in-law during a visit this winter. It shows the towers at Reculver that used to defend the Wantsum Channel mouth that separated the Isle of Thanet from the rest of East Kent in Roman times. So I have now lost bed in two Isles – Thanet and Purbeck.

Many good discussions with visitors today about my studio which of course is so new to me and my ultimate gain from PAW. Also the very short timeline between declaring myself an artist on January 31, entering PAW February 1 and PAW May 27th and the amount of work I have already produced in that time.

AndyKnillArt News Update 13th April

Well, school holidays mean that my weekly art group is not on. I have been doing some gardening outside the building that will serve as my Open Studio (22) for Purbeck Art Weeks from May 27th. Three pictures are now at framers – the New wall / Old wall piece which will then return to the Artcubed exhibition in L’Artishe, Swanage. The other pieces are my entries for the Etches / PAW exhibition and confirmed today the Verges piece that will be on display at RSPB Arne. I will now have to decide on another piece to represent my work at Rollington Barn for Purbeck Art Weeks. This will mean that in my first six months four pieces of my art will be in exhibitions.

I have been doing some pen and ink drawings around home this last week and looking for opportunities for small scale studies of plants, fauna and features e.g. Parts of buildings, renovation work we have done so far and more wall drawings.

This is the second piece drawn looking towards the studio to be. 

I also have a kit to start the preparation for my Silk flag workshop on Sunday 23rd April which will stand at our gateway to guide people to the open studio. I am thinking of a simplified design based on the above drawing, if possible.

I have spoken to two local businesses about drafting some card designs to see if they are interested. Also fitting in my art around my part time work moving boats around. Yesterday I saw the cards retailing at Swanage Tourist Information centre which has now reopened on the seafront. It was very satisfying to see the card – by local artist … .