Andy Knill Art News Update 7th July

This week has been the week for deliveries and new plans regarding publicity. Based on the business cards last week (see 1st July Update post) I now have a tshirt design to wear for events / around town to promote discussion, business possibly. I have some prototype business posters to develop further as an idea. For events where I use a table to sell from I now have a banner to fix to the front of the table making it very clear who I am and how to contact me. I will leave images until I am using these at an event itself so should have some photos for the next weekly update. 

My new canvases order has arrived so I can start my commission work  and producing more panoramic landscapes.  I have a meeting today and some clients from PAW have come back to me for a photographic piece too so there is more work in the offing. I am back to sketching most days and have also started a new “Skies” sketchbook to keep an ongoing record of local skies. This will help me develop skills with different media as skies have been a weaker area to date. Yesterday I practised water textures between customers at my river job.

Saturday 8th sees me spending the afternoon at The Arty Bazaar at the Boilerhouse galleries site in Corfe Castle behind the Swanage Rail station. It is a new event for me and hopefully one that may become a regular event.

In the next week then I need to arrange more meetings with clients, work on commissions, sketch and just enjoy my lovely surroundings.

If you see any examples of work that you like either here or on the Facebook page please email me on or ring on 01929 481539. Sales can be direct, mailed… the key idea is that I want to expand my customer base. 

AndyKnillArt News from PAW 2017 Day Three

Monday 29th May

 It’s an English bank holiday and rather predictably, at least up in the Purbeck hills, it’s a wet one. Slightly drier at times. So wet weather to start meant that I knew that I would be able to get on with a lot more work. I only saw one walker pass in two hours in the morning.

So, clearer signage as my prices poster/notices did not seem to do their job clearly enough. Using some card stock I set about producing more individualised card price information. Also I reorganised the card rack so that handmade cards would sit at the bottom section with a clear break.

For example:

Also I had found that the QR codes on my compliments slip were adding confusion, so I cut them off and made a pouch to take details from and also a card that could be photo’ed showing my full online details and contact information. It may only be day three but marketing is a key aspect of the PAW open studio experience for me in my first year.

So I am now identifying my key information for a business card and that has to be the next step, allowing for being Studio-bound during most people’s business day.

There were 8 visitors including a family who run a luxury bed and breakfast in Wareham, they wondered if a second sign half way down the footpath would help flagging visitors to tell them how far to go. Caroline Snell, the mother, took a photo and said she would place a photo on her business Instagram account ( more on this in day four). A third hand drawn card was sold and I worked on expanding the range.


Created and awaiting customers

Generally I am going with local scenes as there is much to celebrate locally, but also conscious that if visitors can recognise the scene it may prove more popular.

So a busy day but fewer people, here’s hoping for a drier Tuesday. 

For my blog readers, please share wherever you can.