7 days to PAW18 Open Studio 23

A week to go. So I was meant to head out early this morning for some errands, slept in after being awake at 5. Into Swanage where I took photographs of the sea mist and kayak fishermen out in the bay. Also Open rowing at Swanage Sea Rowing Club where I completed my errand. I also drew the gig being prepared to go out, stayed and had my first row on the water in a long time. I then started a picture of the pier activity in the mist. Both pictures are now complete and framed.

At home I framed 12 smaller pieces, completed the second picture and then moved some items in the studio.

A walk into the village (Kingston, Dorset) led to putting up my studio signs into, through the village and up to the walkers car park at the end of the village.

This evening on my way out I will put up one or two additional signs leading to the village.

I am pleased that I completed so much in the end and avoided watching a certain event in Windsor. Tomorrow is a boat shift and probably busy as it is a sunny Sunday. I may continue with hanging picture ideas once I return from work and will spend more preparation time on Monday when I also have to deliver my exhibition work at Rollington Barn. The barn serves as the central core gallery and venue for Purbeck Art Weeks, just outside Corfe Castle on the Studland road.

Thanks for reading.


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