AndyKnillArt News From PAW 2017 Day Five

Wednesday 31st May

Today I celebrate four months since I declared myself as an artist. A day with more visitors and chats. Sales included my framed photo from Woodbridge, Suffolk that was where the gentleman used to sail on skiffs as a child. Just over 20 visits and some. Card sales, it was good to have a chance to chat to visitors. 

In the morning I sat outside and sketched one of the walls outside and the stone path to the studio.

In the afternoon I started a new series which will use photos taken of wildlife in our garden, number one is a Robin feeding.

In the evening I welcomed members of the Swanage Depression Support group that I belong to for a social evening. It meant that all 12 who attended could see how my drawing has developed from earlier pieces that they had seen.

A good day with a chance to meet a wide range of people and much better weather. I also made an additional sign to encourage passers by (walkers) to come and have a look. It certainly grabbed attention as many stopped to read it.

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