11 days to PAW 18 Open Studio 23

So, it’s Tuesday evening. My only art work today around a shift at my boat hand job has been the start of my hanging plan for the studio. I wasn’t sure whether to work in the snow or on chronology. I have decided to go with the second and track the development of AndyKnillArt from my first sale – Swanage Beach Huts up to my latest small series based on boats.

I had a dental appointment this morning and managed to fit into my time a chance to share postcards for the Purbeck Artisan Yard and my Open Studio.

Yesterday I went to The Range in Bournemouth and purchased about 40 frames of a variety of sizes and styles. This Thursday I will start he process of framing and hanging my catalogue of work.

Tomorrow, Wednesday I am standing in for a colleague at the yard and will be identifying and taking home the pieces that will hang at Rollington Barn, the central gallery and items to exhibit in my home studio. Then next week when on duty at the yard I will reorganise my work on display there as the yard is also a PAW open studio venue.

As you can see my focus is going to be on organising where my work can be seen and how it will be hung. It’s an exciting time and I shall be blogging daily now in the run up to PAW and during the 16 days of the event itself.

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