8 days to PAW 18 Open Studio 23

Well, yesterday after a bit of a delay I started the framing process. I quickly got into a routine of measuring mounts against frame backboards and trimming as required. Then my shopping for D rings, screws and picture cord meant that all frames could have a better hanging solution. I framed 9 pieces at 16″ by 12″ and 20″ by 16″. I also added the improved hanging solution to three other pieces.

Initially I have hung pieces around the studio walls to have them available. The next decision is what cord to use for my hanging system. It is now a choice between picture cord or Dyneema kite line or which 8 have several sets that are no longer used and offer a high strength breaking limit.

Then today I have been on a boat shift, I produced an off the cuff birthday postcard for an ex colleague who was hiring a rowing boat with family. Later I sketched a mixture of birds on the water, boat features, and coloured in a previous black and white sketch.

Tomorrow the framing and hanging will develop further.i need to find a good solution to hanging mounted pieces as there will not be enough frames for every piece.

Thanks for following my preparation.


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