9 days to PAW18 Open Studio 23

So, a non work day I.e. not on shift with boats or at the artisan yard. What lies ahead for today’s plan?

Share completed water brush piece from yesterday. This is for me as a practicing technique piece. “Racing Turn” I admit may be framed as a PAW piece.

So, I have a studio. It is decorated ie plain white. I need to rehang my background white sheet in one section at least. I have the beginnings of a hanging plan to share how my work has developed in 14 months. So later, after errands like delivering PAW private view invitations and donated sports equipment to local explorer scouts, it will be time to frame pieces in sequence and start to decide on hooks or hanging from beams arrangement, some experimentation will be required. I have not purchased a ready made hanging system so it will be an Andy-Heath Robinson version.

The aim is that I have time today, Saturday, Monday, Thursday to set studio up ready for visitors. It is more involved obviously than last year with so much more work. In between I will be working shifts. I will post images of pieces to be hung and how Studio exhibition is developing.

Refreshments at Open Studio 23

If you would like to help make and serve refreshments your help would be gratefully received on any day within PAW. All donations will be split between the three nominated charities;

A) St James’ church, Kingston -our village church

B) Swanage Sea Rowing Club

C) Swanage and Wareham Depression Support Groups (more details available if interested)

Thanks for reading.


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