3 days to PAW18 – Open studio 23

So,a day on duty at the Purbeck Artisan Yard, Church Street,Wareham – OpenStudio. 45 for PAW and second venue outside my own studio where work can be seen. I removed several pieces last week and today reorganised the bay and added some pieces that are more relevant to a Wareham site.

My duty was generally quiet and included people who had clearly looked for us before, but this time had located us. I sketched a bit and read after reminders from fellow Artisans that I have plenty of art at present.

The drawing above showed the view from my vantage point by the entrance where I got the benefit of the sun’s warmth and shade after too much sun on boat duties yesterday.

The back wall looks a little bare but I have new plans post PAW when I want to display work by location.

I am looking forward to a busy day in studio 23 tomorrow,sorting electrics, hanging more pieces and how best to use my card carousel, two browsers, window sills and display table to best effect.

I suspect there will be ongoing shuffling of work during the art fortnight. I am keen to offer visits to my studio post PAW by arrangement too.

Thanks for reading.


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